I just go

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Limping through the park

The waterfall flows wistfully

a straight line of cars continues the movement

at the end of its stream


It’s getting dark in the park


like small light balls

the cars they beam


I watch this transition from above

Something inside of me, a gleam,

and the sense of shove,

makes me want to scream

But I stay silent and continue my limping through the park


Limping down the stony hill

Two frogs, they jump in front of me


one of them jumps into the bush


You’re a coward, I think


and to myself

I continue down the hill

with a feeling of the need for a push

that draws me faster to the ground


Then another sound

in my head

makes me ask myself if you just don’t care

So should I take care of you?

But I’d rather be blue

than preventing you from breathing


And I limp all the way down this stony hill


Tree branches over my head, like snakes

embracing my mind

fizzling in the wind

You laughed with your mouth

and your boyish eyes

that gained for the rosebud,

the beautiful summer child from the south


But I’m the last flower of fall

The drizzling rain melts into my skin

I melt into him


I sigh for your cowardice

My wrinkled skin disperses into the ground

I let it all melt with no despise


Heavy steps take me to a crossroad

Which path should I choose?

The oaktrees drop their acorns in an enormous speed

It’s hard to follow

I just go

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