Love story

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I'm in love with rainy nights

.. Street lights...   

Cat bites..  My hand.   

I don't mind..

I loved you more..

Just never said anything before. 

But its true... 

There is warmth and kindness and empathy

and depth -- all the above when I think of you..

  On a multitude of levels..

But i don't know what i can part with

 in this life..

How selfish i am..

Self aware that i am..

  How to keep it flowing

keep it moving.. 

Transgress in the flesh..  Hold my arm.. 

Make me stronger everyday

in a different way..

Health and wellness..

Defined and jealous.. 

Keep words hidden..

Names forbidden

to say..

Hush hush....

Secrets and suspicions..


Sweet sleep..

Dream deep.. 

Souls to keep




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Mon 18th Feb 2019 00:56

Meow... catnip for my hopeless romantic soul... thanks for sharing... can’t wait for more! ??

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Erin Cc

Sun 17th Feb 2019 21:33

There is something super raw and real about this piece. The placement of each word sounds very sincere and perfectly placed.

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lisa donohoe

Sat 5th Jan 2019 14:46

Every single hair on my body stood up on edge while reading this raw ' well written piece.. Loved it ?

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