Trilogy --- (hybrid)

Conquer your fears faster

by changing the way you


Need to hypnotize yourself..


Let the universe control the strings.

Move things - in your brain

You're not the same.


Transgressions, confessions.



Temporary assignment, realignment with the truth

Compusure.  no time to drink, 

Pour your life down the sink

Worked so hard, to work some more

Pulled yourself up --

     Off the floor


Make or break you.

Rearrange you.

Burn you at the stake,


new meaning


Titles, hardships, options, solutions...  


Be clear on expectations -

Rules and regulations


Leave it to me to screw my head up.

I think about people that hurt me,

and how I was weak


Shoulda hung up the phone, 

pretended I wasn't home


Shake off the dirt, 

know what your worth


Go with it.  Trust it.

Let yourself

Fade Out

...without a doubt


something whispers in your ear

what do you hear?

silence is Golden

Pick up the phone  and 

dial the right number


-your pain, 

my pleasure..


I'm really not joking -

my life is wide open


letting go 

-- over the meadow

and through the woods


to that place in your soul

that only you know..

and no one can take it.

shake it



That memory is down to your nails, 

underneath scales

it's something that no one else can  understand

no words to explain it

deep in my brain

what is it?    

telepathy - heredity - Transparency

it was meant to be


I'm speaking in another form

it's not the norm

to dispel Fate


You are the last thing that you ate

digest it

suppress it

Confess it


Surprised by timing 

Streamers on the handle bars


Turn the corner in motivation

Leaving glitter in your tracks


What is worth sacrificing??

Your time or your mind?


Shifting thoughts is like doing laundry

Separating the wash

Compartmentalized my hopes and dreams

in an envelope with a paperclip


Completely unintential

But procrastination is an avalanche

What is buried is now layered with

alternate decisions,


temporary fixes


Change shape

evolve, adapt, transform


Reborn as a new me. 

with fresh wings

..Ready to fly into a storm

◄ Underwater

Memories and stardust ►


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Tue 4th Dec 2018 21:19

I found this so insightful PP

Great piece of poetry. very introspective and contemplative

Keep up the great work

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Douglas MacGowan

Tue 4th Dec 2018 17:13

I like this one a lot. Very strong "be here now" perspective.

Big Sal

Tue 4th Dec 2018 15:48

The juxtaposition of ideas and flow of the rhythm combine to make this piece one for the books.

Very well done on this.?

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