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To Die and Resurrect

To partially open the doors of my poem, "To Die and Resurrect", words that are only a thorough touch of silent wounds which I carry on my skin, executions in the black of the night don’t come as a surprise. I only know that I died and revived to let the water rise from the ground and not let my brothers die of thirst.

To die and resurrect...

Under a savage sky,
of looks that stifle,
I seek...

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sad poem

Everything became yesterday!

I loved you so much
that there was no time or place to resuscitate
You were the delicate origin of my verses,
the wisdom that lead my dreams,
the perpetuity of my sufferings,
and under your nuances I loved you
with the same red that my blood carries

I lived so many seasons beside you...
a delirium I never imagined,
the vile sins,
the painful memory,
the images from the past


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sad poem

You don’t know…

You don’t know what I would do to conquer the territory of your body,
to be the pioneer of your heart,
and not a tiny dream
where dumbness is everything

I succumb over my fantasies
because I only have you
as an indelible mark
on my languid nights

You do not know the magical feeling that runs through my belly
that invades and robs my feelings,
with dementia when I dream of you
and on...

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sad poem

Following your steps...

Following your steps I've worn out my thoughts

forgetting and remembering you, forsaking and finding you,

letting you go and desiring you

and I digress in the mountain of my thoughts


Following your steps, I’ve punished my tears;

I look at you and my eyes dilate,

you ignore me, my heart erodes

attempting to give you love’s beauty


Following your steps, I have worn o...

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sad poem


Without you I cannot imagine myself;

I lived an unreal past

that was part of the soul

I thought loved me


I sailed on the river of your lies,

of everything that you said you felt


I made up a mirage of tender caresses

where you were the delight of all my senses


Among thorns of silence I landed;

tears blinded me and without pause

and swiftly my way became ...

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sad poem

Was there never a time for me?

What do I do with my pain if underneath this wound my wishes are crushed and I die every day?

You violated every beat of my heart, and I, stealing the minutes to every hour

dared not express that my desolation deepened inside my room


You never gave freshness to my skin, not even a pretense of love

and I fell into this ordeal, under this soundless orphanage


I longed you so ...

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sad poem

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