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Where Will We Be Tomorrow?

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Where Will We Be Tomorrow?

Idly thinking I wonder where we will be in the future,

will we ever reach the stars after the death of our own world,

killed by pollution, war and overcrowding?

Will we do as in Rome, on a new planet? If we survive that far.

Our path is tough. Some actions we do are abysmal, look at how we treat one another. We do need to learn to talk and not shoot first.


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His Latest Flame/Fugitive


His Latest Flame/Fugitive

Feel like a fugitive in my own life, kind of use to it and enjoy it. Filling the gap where your life and love should be. Do you know how fucking alone I am now? That doesn't matter. My views go to ink, captured in my poems. What will you think when you read it? I know you exist, somewhere. If you didn't, I'd be totally alone.                                  ...

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