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Poetico Ego Some

Wanted to write about the creative urge and how it relates to ego.  A bit philosophical, so Descartes' famous phrase I think therefore I am, Cogito Ergo Sum, came to mind for a title.... Not really polished yet, but see what you think...

Poetico Ego Some


I write therefore I am

What I want to be,

I read because I can

Have others listen to me.

I think I’ve found a rhyme,


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egopoetrypoetry reading

The Slam

The Slam


They told me we would do a slam

Of odes and poems and wham bam mam

Our words and rhymes would fight it out

We mustn’t mutter, better shout!

A ittle like a boxing bout;

So off I went to start to train

Like Rocky, in the ring again.


My female rival? Well, I’d beat her,

With exercise of regular metre.

My metaphors would pack a punch

I’d knock em dea...

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An Iffy Poem

With apologies to Mr Kipling... purveyor of exceedingly good poems...


An Iffy Poem


If you can write and not make rhyme your master,

If you can feel and let those feelings flow.

If you can think and find a simple structure

Which builds your thoughts of love, then lets it go.


If you can find a telling rhyme or metre

Which fits with all your tho...

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