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How We Met

I will open my door to you and we will do business,

I will open my arms to you and it will be cosy,

I will open my legs to you and it will be beautiful,

I will open my mind to you and it will be a prism of my life,

I will open my heart to you and you will be in heavan.

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One Day

One day i will thread barefoot across a poppy field,

Sun kissed and warm, truly from the inside out,

And i will feel truly loved, probably not un conditionally (that never happens!)


One day i will fall love soaked into your arms, and truly surrender my soul to you,

But is that fair?!

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My Flower

My body is the petals, that eventually fall away,

My life is the long stem, that soaks up everything,

My thoughts are the thorns, heavanly and hellish,

You are my root, that holds me in place.

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Six foot dream of reality,

Flushing my past right out of my once heavy heart,

Anchored down with your poetry and lyrics and love,

Coursing through my veins

A remedy for the pain of love's lost,

Replaced with pangs of the urgency of wanting you,

A relentless charming soul,

I engorge on your mind,

Satisfied and completed at last,

Like a thousand piece jigsaw,


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Beautiful You

I kneel down at your feet,

Head on your chest,

Sun rays toasting my cheek

while you mumble lyrics


Deep deep words,

that travel through my veins,

Changing lanes in my head,

Our eyes meet,get accquainted,

Within seconds, Mesmorising glazes that are momentarily eternal


I wished for you in secret,

It must have travelled on the wind,

Here you a...

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