My Favourite Cup


It takes years of pondering to find the right cup;

the right shape and weight, the pattern, the handle.

It is not just a drinking vessel

It is a portal to a world of relaxation.

Maybe I’m wrong and it is just a cup

but I’d be lost without my favourite.


She has picked me up when I’ve felt alone

even with her chipped rim

she makes the perfect brew.

As I caress her, I know she won’t let me down.

It was another jealous cup that chipped her

in the washing up bowl, trying to win my attention.

Maybe I should love all my cups the same

but I’d be lost without my favourite.


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Martin Bailey

Sat 2nd Mar 2013 20:57

Thank you Dave.

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Dave Bradley

Sat 2nd Mar 2013 19:35


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Martin Bailey

Thu 28th Feb 2013 22:33

Thanks Yvonne, I am very fussy about my cup. I also have a favourite at my fiancee's house and at my parent's house I have to drink out of one with mum written on because the other don't feel right in my hand or against my lips. x

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 28th Feb 2013 22:24

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all have a favourite cup and woe betide anyone else who uses it. A delightful little ode.I've never thought about the gender of my cup before. Thanks for an enjoyable read. xx

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Martin Bailey

Thu 28th Feb 2013 21:56

Thank you Frederick, it was worthwhile just for your kind words.

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Thu 28th Feb 2013 21:53

That was pure joy to read! Thanks for sharing.

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