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I'm here to write about my individual slice of the human experience. I am Nigerian by birth, but was raised and currently living in the Memphis area. I am 22 years old and a graduate student studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Missouri.

Nights in Neptune

~Quietly floating atop the rolling fabric of navy Blue like the absence of oxygen in the veins Tracing a trajectory charted and discovered, Re-charted and rediscovered, I spend the nights in Neptune. I find an uneasy peace as daybreak cracks and attacks the ice But the deep fissures fuse ever stronger. The ocean lulls my corpus into a drowsy state As my restless mind rages against the Sirens’ caress. But the embrace becomes a death’s grip And the nights in Neptune intrude upon and merge into the day.~

Love Letter to a Stranger

~You're the feeling that makes my heart melt into a caramel abyss I can taste the sweet demise you subject me to on the tip of my tongue This sugary concoction flows out of your soul and seemingly by magic, or maybe alchemy, transforms into the feathers that come together like wings to lift me up beyond the natural heights of my masculine flesh Bringing out the fleshly, carnal desires of my soul that force me back down to my knees Begging for you Yearning for you Praying for every piece of you For your essence is the answer, the anecdote, that will cure this desire you've sickened me with~

Black Bodies

~Black bodies stained red By hands of those whom color has not dared touch Black bodies left for dead Destroyed, discarded, desecrated, and given to death's clutch Black bodies have always bled For the sins of those who are yet to be judged Black bodies are hanging by a thread Waiting for justice, but receiving none such.~

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Sat 12th Dec 2020 22:21

Tatted Heart is amazing and I feel like Black Bodies needs to see the world. You are a beautiful writer and your work is definitely special ?

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keith jeffries

Fri 7th Aug 2020 09:44

Love letter to a stranger is a rich and powerful statement where love and desire meet in a need of each other. You have achieved something special here.



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keith jeffries

Sat 28th Mar 2020 22:08


Welcome to WOL. I have read through your poems which I enjoyed, particularly your use of the first person singular. I look forward to reading more of your work.



Sat 28th Mar 2020 14:06

Mark, just been reading your interesting profile. Good luck with the studies. I have a grandson doing that kind of work in London. May your journey be an enjoyable one. Blessings. P


Fri 27th Mar 2020 19:44

Mark, thank you for the like on ALAS - appreciated. P ?


Thu 26th Mar 2020 09:33

ROUNDS- thanks Mark appreciate the Like. Cheers. P?

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