Work in review - 2019

Shall I move the mountains or part the nearing sea
Shall I touch the blue skies or form new minerals
New faces in new roles striding as generals
To accomplish the feats of leading coding spree

From the smiles to the tears, key pieces were leaving
Yet sense of emergence to find new solutions
But no mistake again, there is some delusions
That causes growing pains to the teams unweaving

Let's see our victories and celebrate the wins
To find the path forward without looking year back
Time is slipping away, migration without slack

Party your holidays and rejoice past your sins
Come back in the new year, ready to pump action
As the year will burn fast to the big extraction

◄ La peinture

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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 22:28

..."to the big extraction"

Could that be the heads out of their arses
As our leaders vote on new farces?

Roll on 2020 away from the shambolic fuckwits
that profess to rule and guide us.

Not In My Name

Great poem with even greater insight Louis

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