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They say time fills the void that grief brings 

That life becomes easier and we are supposed to feel comfort in knowing that the emptiness and the pain weaken their grips around our throats 

How happy we should be to allow these to pass 

But I would rather the emptiness fill me like a garden hose in an Olympic pool and the pain dull like an open break sealed with bandaids 

And when the...

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We sat in silence

in Room 1220,

the bustling of the nurses feet

and the machines

around us filled the space. 

beep, beep, beep. 

On other sides of the room 

as we awaited 

your final return. 

The hope from his mother

filled the air,

his life flashing before her eyes,

and all she wanted for his future,

her bright, shining boy. 

I wish I could have 


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I remember the lines 

of your face.

the wrinkles around

your eyes

when you smiled.

the curves that

framed your

cheeks and lips

as you bared 

your teeth in

a cackle or two.

your cheeks bounced

with a slight poke

to your warm,

oily skin.

your lips chapped

on the bottom left

from you constantly

biting throughout the day.

your forehead,

red a...

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it went by so fast that i couldn't keep up

An empty room

Filled with bodies

Voices of different

Tones and pitches

And volumes.

Stifled cries

In the corners,

Whispered sentiments by the photos,

Muffled screams

From his mother

In the chair


To the giggles that

Came from

The pew of the casket

Where I laughed

With friends

As we reminisced

Of the days that

Were simpler.

Hands a...

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