Poetry Blog by Kealan Coady (2009)

Quick Sequence.


Myself, me, I,

Sat, sat-ed

Ran, runned

Remembered - failed to forget

Followed - failed to lead

Watched in watchedness

you, you

Run, runned

Away, gone.

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View Of Stale Harbour.

A place becoming,

Under grey sky,

Wide and empty.



Broken - decked boats


Behind massive branches

Of nearby trees

In twigged moonlight


A dog barks

           At the gate

           Chained in

Hungry for trespassers


Aquatic Hell

           Wounded hull

           Lapping slightly on the tide

           Leaking driftwood.


Generator of lost journeys

And found ...

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Accident on Tonight's Street.

Footpath frozen

Open - windowed

Let the cold wind in

On this concrete evening.


Brightest shadow

Light revealing

Glint of glass on frost.

Road made of thunder.


Distant driver

Quiet and tired

Approaching quickly

Ten seconds from terror.


Awkward stumble

Car rotating

Spinning confusion

knowledge of injury


A tree receives

In wide - spined glee

A man in the air

From throug...

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Dialogue from a Tragedy

Just a quick note: This is a scene from a play I am attempting to write, my first. I think it has somewhat of a poetic nature to it that's why I posted it up here. So let me know you think.


Dialogue from a Tragedy.


(Laocoon opens the scene unknowing of Zarathus' hidden presence).


Laocoon: I have seen

               Man's greedy fingers spread

               Over this planet.


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Biography of a Backward Man.


Breakfast at nightime

Warm in Winter.

Became a doctor first

Then went to school.

Studied all day


Divorced three times

Then found love.

Felt guilty all his life

Then killed someone.

Created a cult

Never went to mass.

Picked the colours off paintings

And created a masterpiece

But died first.

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Logic, Reason, Perception, Experience.


If logic is reason

And reason is perceptive

Then it is perfectly logical

To perceive reason

As individual experience.


Because one logic battle's another's

For ultimate experience of reason

And for unknown reason's

They all experience righteousness

Through reasoned perception's of previous experience's.

In mathematics this is known as unknown 'x'



If i perceive my own ex...

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At Least We Tried.


The sky is a crying denial for you

And the fabric of mind, fragile as fear

But not see-through.

Your eyes like burning suns,

Slowly blistered heart,

Desperate disintegration.


The wind stopped blowing,

Stopped blowing for you

How you could never understand

We exist under the same clouds, the same stars,

The same insane search for soul.


I do not blame you.


As we gaze at the ...

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Man of Many People.

Man of Many People.



In morning I feel like my dreams

Were a series of battle's

A multitude of character's

Magnified desires of control.


My skull is precariously packed

With people I do not know

From places I have not heard before.

They do not progress me.


Sometime's my mouth opens

And unfamiliar voices rise

From a throat that differs in thought.

It is positively terrifying.


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Fear Theory

This is my poem on religon, if your a hardcore catholic turn away now.


Fear Theory.

Of morals and methods the grey one speaks

And men in tall chairs shield

From the knowledge of question.

The fools world spread their winged ears

To receive the good news:

"We need more money."


Theft without apparent crime they feed on fear

And the poor come packed

With a pock...

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From Beneath Hades.

From Beneath Hades.


I parachute from the past.

And land in the future with broken legs.

I take comfort in contrast

But not that often.


Watching trees become twigs

Carefully constructing coffins

For adequate occupants

I have percieved.


Between courage and Heaven

There are heroes in doorways

Of seldom - seen kingdom's

Hoping for echoes they watch


Simple people compete in sta...

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De Frustratie Neurose

De Frustratie Neurose


Let us leave.

Let us cut our way

Through the surgeries of love

And when we get hurt

We can just nurse the failures.

Within thick stitches

There is the healing of pleasure


We are safe for now

From time's gradual grip

Because out time cannot be measured.

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The Fires of Burning Midnight.

                           The Fires of Burning Midnight. 
                            Each second; a tiny flame.
                            It flickers red and fluent
                            This goes on till morning.
                            The burnt out ruin of the day
                            Drags it's ugly sentiment
                            Beast - like, post - meal, turning.

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