Accident on Tonight's Street.

Footpath frozen

Open - windowed

Let the cold wind in

On this concrete evening.


Brightest shadow

Light revealing

Glint of glass on frost.

Road made of thunder.


Distant driver

Quiet and tired

Approaching quickly

Ten seconds from terror.


Awkward stumble

Car rotating

Spinning confusion

knowledge of injury


A tree receives

In wide - spined glee

A man in the air

From through the front windscreen.


Face first impact

The rest follow

Crashes forwardly

Body now on the curb.


Stream of rose red

Liquid leaking

Pours on path like paint

In perfect profusion.


Silent again

On Tonight's street

Smell of fate and smoke

I close the window shut.


◄ Dialogue from a Tragedy

View Of Stale Harbour. ►


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Jeff Dawson

Sat 23rd Jan 2010 22:58

Hi Kealon, fine writing as always, matter of fact as it is in this situation, love the last stanza, Jeff

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th Dec 2009 14:54

Many of these images are superb eg. 'let the cold wind in on this concrete evening' .
The whole poem is well-crafted, and provokingly harsh. The last line is masterful.

Give a tiny thought to 'Silence again On Tonight's street Smell of fate ..etc. ' The soft 'c' making the 's' sound just flows into the consonance of the final verse. Nothing wrong with 'Silent' though.

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Sat 19th Dec 2009 10:38

Strong imagery. Really paints a picture. It is below freezing and snowing outside so this piece is really appropriate.

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