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Press Enter,

      Begin listening to the drum rhythmic crescendo line of our apocalypse, Vane screaming black scale trapped in deforested measures of inhumane depravity symbol gestating on the pulses speechless desensitized to wickedness' baseline DNA structures helix'ed in abandonment notations caught silently gravid in the perverse legislation frequencies of our hate thirsty for prejudicial vengeance but rarely atonement save upon a regretful death mourning bed, Still dry rage heaving through coarse throats!

      Haunted by wolves howling condemnation at the tear filled lungs of architects, Future early pup malnourishment death misspelled notes left staining our unchosen side epidermis memory walk lanes with strange judgements of chalk bullet slit wrist determined suicides on parade before our depraved of natures' internal conviction eye and thus of grace to see the walking ghosts hiding in plane wreckage sight.

In lieu of our participation in,

An etymology of silence 

◄ Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams IV

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