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Hive Minded L VIII: Children of Reincarnated Slavery I

Spoiled hate,

      Rotten inheritance eggs, Ungrateful conviction dismantled spineless chameleons of hollow mirror courage husks, Children of the hive fate, Bearing manifest intolerance heirlooms of destiny's failed karma flags, As a murder of swollen vultures, They circle bruised corrosive hope, exhausted from running on expired breath traffic, never stopped but to ponder the echoes of margins' profitable loss: unnamed children, who once ran manic beside them, Into the toxic ashen (s)tar chaos dust sandcastle universe has degenerated lonely, Avarice storm of profit's amputated conviction, Sponsored by putrid mis-clause-guided contractual illicitly obligated against financial double philanthropic barrel ruin; Capitalist lethal investment, With eager monetary joy consent the bourgeoisies liberal stance fascist, never raised a blessed no direct knowledge contact pacifist denial finger as a participant of signing happy salutations up for a deadly premeditated margin one life outcome exposure sequel, Reincarnation on repeat throughout history unto slavery.

      Endorsing the momentary damned terrace paper filled bank walls of a street; named Count, Where scientific dinosaur researchers of demonic fossils keep records of atonement denied angels, Who are disenchanting the locked census diagram terrace of fallen dignity, Battling to establish a city of chalk drawn houses of desperately stacked fate cards, Boarded level one up box homes, With memory ache pillows and emotion terror any second is death's misanthropic shelter, Where paper narrow hymnal clipped fingers are fire cauterised folded in half to flirt with the Watcher, Her oblivion waste plastic land of black intention wishful aspiration thinking, Thoughts of sandcastle universe oceanic debris torch lit, An emotion sickness heaving sight, Washed rotten up fallen sky plots of stardust's best strangely dim alignments, Attention swollen by deficit of bed untimely denied kismet abandoned prayers, Pathetic inaudible memorised hand over heart held grotesquely agasp in hopelessness in--between benign breaths of longsuffering dreams of leaving tomorrow behind,  hope amputated psalms, Nightly witnessed by the eternally silent forever watcher: Behind! 

     Beyond the saviour's doomed parasite of wonder comes the silence of masked joy's federal heavenly minted treasure; mythical reserve hidden under a dark cobweb sky, a celestial black morass of Elysium's immortal dreadnought souvenir cloud ships of God's war fortune damned trophy world mantle of angelic faith gone cannibal rogue apocalypse stomach buzzards,Bloated from sucking in greed minted prayers in written blood openly royal conviction delinquent palaces whose gates are hand trick corner picking our black austerity sheep pockets.

      Stuffed full of tiny vermilion tumour benign hope lives, Whose inner endlessly terrorized lidless eyes, Closed or consciously malignant alive, Dream of that 'at long hour last broken promise glass toast' of karma's unruly God damaged eternity's archived goods bleeding cross calling their estranged, Ghost in the mirror epidermis over skeleton anorexic holocaust thin.

      Sideways honestly invisible, Baring life tattoo grafts to the hotel cocoon husks of a finalized defeat, After a thousand nights of respiratory air defiance are denied heaven's bushido spell ochre snake die cast system of slavery tier eyes rolled by the hands of the Lilith's Christ born second child nephilim bondage nature golem sons: Robust in God's cruel primeval joke intention image made: Giants, Abandoned to a white feudalism debt never recalled, Home, Instead their heads lay content, Dying of submissive heart atrophy: To long invested in slavery.


     A lofty pie hate charted story about karma's torture reincarnation skin rack of shameful poverty everlasting pain, caught in flames between grafts of the ghost metamorphosis rebirth invented realm, up from hell, needs no motivation to greet old f(r)iends and a newly invisible battle oil thumb to anointed bloody forehead imprinted cross, nearly lost reserved name status during first spoken debris contact: A decayed compass rinse and infested repeat cycle of a historical library's incomplete categorization of curses, slung by an unqualified god's counterpart justification means of saturating this sandcastle universe against compassion's dead obligation: a mythical intervention miracle reprieve is needed!

     This is an undocumented test in every second failure chance moment to recognize the mirror's reflected mental photograph as a valid contribution to...  unapologetically denied  access to choice's ledge jumper step into isolation's live open wire mic spark garden of perforated hope cable noose freedom, where the unbandaged dilemma of a nearly obliterated conscience' rogue awareness is hour ill bondage fate glass timeline fuselage trapped, Beyond shattered aspirations on earth, dreams once sought intercession unquestionably by a Buddha predecessor's cursive endurance diction caught expired breath of bee hive bullet punctured lungs between contradictions of any God's will in this world at play!


     Our religious parasite vacuum of memorized seeping tradition chemical pathetic rehearsed pacifist inactive psalms, rolling faith bankrupt voice of thunder speaking in ion cloud dissonance vane, beyond the war beating heart kept silent and 'safe' drobe where biblical fairy control tales are deployed to increase the clay number of methodical fantasy belief induced slavery halls of golden souls, marionette paper memento amnesia pulp mache fiction kept meagre and quiet lives, closet tamed emotion cradle rocking in the lack of will extinction of all butterflies wind, chain opted disparity out of choice's dismay, for nothing could be worse than waking into awareness of this inhumane depravity night's shadow woven of day-mare!

       Photo media lie shops where vanity stains the air starved, praying for luck, Inhaling the magnificent ashen pyre-flies betwixt bullet cauterised napalm buds of fire wounded punctures caught in a lethargic gangrene scene, epidermis land of stolen mirror dignity entitled home of the barely next conceived second beating optimism bereft heart bearing screen lift no finger witness to children.... struggling in the attempt to seal their infinite wondrously crystal die cast ball foreseen but did nothing destiny of perishing in a palace woven by a (wh)oracle Buddha-God's spell cast charm roll of karma as trafficked snake 3rd eternity destitute eyes reincarnated into the world as our sources of slavery.

In earnest anticipation of,


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