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Malefic Condescension: Grace of Hell I

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   Damn me completely

Before the second coming

I can't live without love again

Fire & brimstone don't frighten

There's more grace in hell

Than the golden heaven


Destroy my faith

Relive every day without regret

Uncompromised love is beyond worth

Whatever G-d used to offer is null & void

Persecuted by an agitated (un)holy wraith dialogue

Condemn me before the second mythical coming

Beside the messiah grace threatened children

Hostages of impending tragedy

I've loved so dangerously


   Damn grace over me

A marionette complicit agenda

Rotting in the golden lie of heaven

Do it before the second fascist coming

I could never live without love again

Fire & brimstone don't frighten

There's more grace in hell

Than a mirrorless heaven

Of misanthropic dolls

Self proclaimed



Watch the Arctic shatter

Turn like tears into acid rain

From a front row seat to tragedy

Watching G-d's plans become unmade

Because whatever grace was...

It falls like accusations

From deaf hearts

Desiring gold

In heaven


In lieu of our participation in,

Forgetting grace is a part of love




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