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A Beautiful Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet
yet growing wild and free
A stunning arrangement
in natural harmony

A carnival of blooms
cheering up the city
A colourful display
delicate and pretty

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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A New Day

A fairytale forest scene 
lush, green woodland wilderness
Like a painted masterpiece
enchanting, magical, timeless

Morning sunlight filters though 
casting shadows with the breeze 
Ivy weaves through the branches
of towering, leafy trees

Refreshed by recent rainfall
encouraged by the warm sun
The forest slowly comes to life
a new day has begun 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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RRS Discovery, Dundee

A trip to Dundee today
the forecast for light drizzle 
The bus took us up the coast
to Broughty Ferry Castle 

The rain stayed off long enough
for a quick wander around
Through narrow streets we travelled 
back down to Dundee town 

We reached Discovery Point  
and RRS Discovery 
I recommend a visit
to observe the ships history 

The visitor centre and ship
tell tales of exploratio...

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We arrived at Lerwick, Shetland 
the British Isles most northern town
We took a tender from the ship
and a tour bus took us around 

We are not allowed to roam free
Covid restrictions put in place 
We are kept in social bubbles 
to keep the cruise ship a safe space 

Shetland is bigger than I thought
with over a hundred islands
A landscape of rolling, peat rich hills 
and lochs edged ...

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Dunrobin Castle

A trip to Dunrobin Castle
on a perfect summers day
Blue skies and distant sparkling seas
and a falconry display 

Like a scene from a fairytale
built in a French chateau style
Gardens inspired by Versailles 
and sea views that stretch for miles  

Inside the rooms are very grand 
elaborate and elegant 
An insight into fine living 
luxurious and decadent 

Showcasing past hunting tri...

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We Are Sailing

Sailing up the north east coast
grateful of the gentle sea
Newcastle to Scotland
today’s itinerary 

Over on the distant shore
a view just out of reach 
There is a famous castle 
and a wide sandy beach 

The evening sun reflection 
a golden ladder of light 
The view from our table
is so beautiful tonight

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Honey Coloured Skies

Glossy golden buttercups

reflect the early sunrise

In fields of feathered grasses

under honey coloured skies


Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Fluffy, pink clouds like candy floss

held high on slender, sturdy stems

Venusta, meadowsweet in bloom

one of Dr Amir Khan’s gems


Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Wide Awake At 4.30

I’m wide awake at 4.30
it’s starting to get light
I like the recent hot weather
but not so much at night

Sleeping with the windows open
always makes me sneeze
I think I must have hayfever 
from pollen off the trees 

Outside I hear the woodpecker
drilling at tree bark
The noisy crows are squawking 
sounds like Jurassic Park

Much louder than the birdsong
sheep bleat to each other

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My Visit To The Wall

Today I am being brave 
taking a journey on my own
I am nervous and apprehensive 
out of my comfort zone

I am heading south to Manchester 
Withington, Copson Street
Where I hope to find some people
I have planned to meet

I am going to meet a stranger 
who did a kind thing for me 
Placed my poem on the Marcus Rashford wall 
for everyone to see

When they visited the wall 
they sai...

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There’s A Buzz About My Garden

There’s a buzz about my garden
busy, busy, hard working bees 
Gathering nectar and pollen
enticed by flowers, shrubs and trees 

Apparently this yellow shrub
is St Johns Wort, Hypericum 
Treats anxiety and low mood
a herbal supplement for some 

By the miracle of nature 
this news spreads north, south, west and east 
In summer the bees are buzzing 
in winter the birds feed and feast 


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Freedom Day

Some people may celebrate
and welcome this "Freedom Day"
Most regulations are lifted  
no going back from today

After sixteen long months
we are nearly restriction free
Encouraged to be careful
and behave responsibly 

Night clubs opened at midnight 
to see in new normal ways
People singing and dancing 
ring in the dawn of carefree days

Mask wearing is now optional
no specific ru...

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My first visit to Glasgow
and what a pleasant surprise
A sprawling Scottish city
that is a treat for the eyes

Built beside the River Clyde
with a varied history 
Once was the British Empires 
second largest city

We took an open top bus
hop on, hop off city tour 
A great way to get around 
to see the sights and explore 

Many magnificent structures 
a mix of old and new
The space...

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North, Over The Border

A site visit today
we have travelled quite far
North, over the border
I’m bored sat in the car 

There’s not much of a view
a skip, vans and a crane
A cherry picker, a hoist
blocks wrapped in membrane

Robotic dinosaurs
stretch out, reach up and lift
Trundling around the site
they push, pull, shunt and shift

Men wearing white, hard hats 
and luminous jackets
Fix steel beams toget...

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Embrace The Day

Early summer morning 
warm air blows on the breeze
The sun slowly rising 
over hills, fields and trees

Close my eyes for a moment 
drift away on a dream
I’m lying on a blanket  
keeping cool with ice cream

Brought back to my senses
in the distance a bird sings
Ready to embrace the day
and the promise it brings

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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England Did Not Lose They Won

Inspired by recent events
those touching scenes from Manchester 
Love shown by a community 
people united together

I remembered reading a phrase
by Marcus Rashford last year
A few words that said so much 
the strong message, loud and clear 

It said “Just look what we can do
when we come together 
THIS is England 2020”
This statement will stand forever 

Here is my own updated vers...

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Look what happened yesterday

Yesterday I put a poem on Twitter and I said I would post it on the Marcus Rashford wall if I could. A kind person printed the poem, took a video of themselves reading it and then put it up on the wall on my behalf. Proof that kindness can be found on Twitter. 

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Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised swimming  
the activity for today
Heads down, bottoms up
a coordinated display 

Photo credit Mr Robin Ree

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Pingdemic Pandemonium

A new problem and concern 
is spreading fast across our nation  
it is the great pingdemic 
causing disruption and irritation 

You can catch it from an app
which tracks and traces those affected
It tells you to isolate 
if you’re at risk of being infected 

You must stay home if pinged
it does not matter if you feel well
You could now have coronavirus 
until tested you can not tell 


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Disappointed, Saddened, Let Down And Dismayed

Today I feel disappointed
saddened, let down and dismayed 
not by last nights football result 
but the online racism displayed

It is unbelievable to me 
how could people be so cruel 
No matter race, colour or creed
all humankind are equal

Those footballers deserve better
they did our country so proud
To spread such evil and hatred 
should never, ever be allowed 

The abusers shoul...

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Three Lions Pride

It is the morning after 
the football the night before 
no trophy, no parade
no gold medal, no winning score

The young team did us so proud
they all played such a brave game
This morning they should hold their heads high 
not feel any shame

Two long hours of equal play
one goal each for both teams
Finally taking penalties 
ending the country’s dreams

A cruel way to end the match 

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Come On England

Fifty five years gone by
since the World Cup of sixty six
Twenty five passed by too 
since the Euros of ninety six

Euros 2020
delayed by Covid for one year 
Now in 2021
the final game is here

The stage is set at Wembley 
to end what began in Rome
Can the nations dreams come true
could football be coming home

Sing a song of three lions 
with a hint of vindaloo
Sweet Caroline sou...

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Mellow Yellow

Tall, pale, delicate stems
shades of purple, pink and yellow
Soft, lush, leafy foliage
wild flowers grow, free and mellow

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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The Buffet Is Now Open

The buffet is now open
good news carries on a song
The word spread across the land
and many birds come along

They come to feast on insects
mealworms and various seed
I have trouble keeping up
with their appetite and greed

Various colourful finch
robins, blue tits and sparrows
Come to dine at my table
built to keep away the crows

I made it from a dog crate
and an old computer sta...

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Speckled Foxgloves

In and out the speckled foxgloves 
busy bees collecting nectar 
In and out the floral trumpets
a classic scene of summer

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Sweet scented geraniums
an intense and radiant glow
Vivid tropical colours
illuminate my patio 

Magenta, hot, cerise pink
scarlet red and orange fire
Terracotta potted plants
sizzling shades of desire  

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Congratulations NHS

Today the NHS is celebrating
a date to be marked in history
Receiving the George Cross from The Queen
on it’s seventy third anniversary

Her Majesty awarded this honour 
on behalf of our grateful nation
For over seventy decades of service
courage, compassion and dedication 

For demonstrating the highest standards
of service across the United Kingdom
In recognition of staff past and pr...

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Sweet Symphony

An orchestra of flowers
play a silent, delicate ditty
stand together loud and proud
a colour symphony so pretty

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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National Thank You Day

I must have missed the memo
for National Thank You Day
Its ten o’clock already 
I’ve already lost my way

I must have missed the schedule
a list of events and times  
So I rewrite it down here
try my best to make it rhyme

9am time to get fit
10am litter picking
1pm is the big lunch
3pm music making

5pm we are encouraged 
to raise a glass and say cheers 
Acknowledge the key worke...

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The first of July
stunning late evening sky
Sunset admired
no filter required

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Princess Diana Today

Today Princes William and Harry
reunite and come together
As they unveil their own commission 
in memory of their mother 

Today she would have turned sixty 
sadly, this was not meant to be 
Her life cut short at thirty six
a monumental tragedy

Today at Kensington Palace
in a private ceremony 
The statue will be revealed 
in her favourite place, apparently 

Today the Palace may be...

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