Disappointed, Saddened, Let Down And Dismayed

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Today I feel disappointed
saddened, let down and dismayed 
not by last nights football result 
but the online racism displayed

It is unbelievable to me 
how could people be so cruel 
No matter race, colour or creed
all humankind are equal

Those footballers deserve better
they did our country so proud
To spread such evil and hatred 
should never, ever be allowed 

The abusers should be punished 
tracked and traced across the land
Decent folk who know better 
should unite and make a stand

I would parade them on a football pitch
stream the scene live on tv 
Unable to hide behind their screens
unmasked for all to see 

I hope these individuals 
will pay for their abhorrent crime
I hope they are named and shamed 
and blocked from social media, full time


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 13th Jul 2021 14:10

Greg chooses to ignore my opening line. I'm well aware of the use of social media by morons for vile behaviour. (I note the use of "intentionally or not"). But I can accept that sort of jousting
as long as the point about overt lack of proper skill and practice
is understood and maybe even accepted for the reality it
represents when it comes to England's penalty failures.
Let us consider why the manager chose these players, led by
Rashford who had previously failed from the penalty spot in a big match in similar style; to be followed by two others with no
history or real experience in that area of "motor skill". There
were other players present whose kicking/scoring (including
Pickford himself) indicated a greater possibility of putting the
ball in the back of the net. Players and managers still fail
the test when it matters.. As do those morons on social media! It is a matter
of ongoing regret that this can encourage the sort of behaviour that
has been reported and rightly condemned.

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julie callaghan

Tue 13th Jul 2021 13:33

I shared this poem on Twitter and a kind person printed it and read it out before putting it on Marcus Rashford wall

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julie callaghan

Mon 12th Jul 2021 16:32

Thanks for the like Stephen G

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julie callaghan

Mon 12th Jul 2021 16:31

This is my second poem for today about the football, of course a lot of people will be disappointed with the result but like Greg says the saddest thing is not the football result.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 12th Jul 2021 16:29

Good, strong poem, Julie. The whole episode is bitterly disappointing, but, as Greg says, predictable.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 12th Jul 2021 16:21

I feel that MC is missing the point, intentionally or not, of your heartfelt poem, Julie. These players are not being traduced on social media for their penalty-taking techniques, but for the colour of their skin. The awful thing is, we knew it would happen as soon as the game was over. For me, the saddest thing last night turned out to be not the result, but the fact that all the players who missed or had their shots saved were black. We also saw the appalling behaviour of many 'fans' in London and at Wembley. Some of us saw this coming, I'm afraid. Others chose and still choose to look away.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 12th Jul 2021 16:08

Abuse is inexcusable. Criticism is justified. See my blog . about
penalties today. Players and managers seem not to have learnt
from the past and what is required to achieve mastery of this

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