Wide Awake At 4.30

I’m wide awake at 4.30
it’s starting to get light
I like the recent hot weather
but not so much at night

Sleeping with the windows open
always makes me sneeze
I think I must have hayfever 
from pollen off the trees 

Outside I hear the woodpecker
drilling at tree bark
The noisy crows are squawking 
sounds like Jurassic Park

Much louder than the birdsong
sheep bleat to each other
Mothers call to their young 
from one field to another

I listen out for bird song
a sound I like to hear
Close my eyes for a while 
the morning will soon be here

Still awake an hour later
dawn chorus in full swing
A tractor rumbles down the lane
the pigeons are cooing

I listen to the world come to life 
from the comfort of my bed 
lying awake half the night
I pull the pillow over my head 

I give in to all the noise and heat
get up to make some tea 
switch off the alarm clock
Today, I don’t need it to wake me

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julie callaghan

Sat 24th Jul 2021 12:13

Thank you Keith and KJ for your kind comments. Thanks also for all the likes.

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keith jeffries

Sat 24th Jul 2021 11:54


This is a poem which could only be written in England as it so accurately describes our native landscape. Your words took to there but also from where I live which is part of the same summer's beauty.

Thank you for this

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kJ Walker

Fri 23rd Jul 2021 08:01

Nice rhyme and rhythm.
Perfectly describing not being able to sleep on one of these sticky nights. I liked that all the noises that disturbed your slumber were countryside associated, it would have had a different feel to it if harsher urban sounds had caused the problem.

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