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Gift Of Words

Thanks to D Knape for the Box of Words

As I was passing by
I came across this online page 
Just random well worn words
no restrictions on their usage

They were left deliberately 
for refurbishment or repair
Free to any good home
that could be trusted with their care

So I gathered them up
and gave them a shuffle around
Now they have a new home
in this poem they can be found

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Al Fresco Dining

Many parts of new table and chairs
scattered all around
Try my best to fix them together
no solution found

I struggle to align the drilled holes
the wrong size bolts sent
I will never get back all those hours
and wasted time spent

After a trip to the hardware store
new bolts fixed in tight
Sitting at my new table
dining al fresco tonight

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Beside The Seaside

The calm sea laps at the shore
sand and pebbles under my feet
Sea birds fly high in the sky
my heart dances and skips a beat 

The forecast is saying rain 
but I do not worry or care
I take in the view before me
and a deep breath of salty air 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Sunday Afternoon

A cup of tea in the garden
the sky a mix of blue and grey
The warm summer sun comes and goes
just an ordinary Sunday 

Yet my surroundings delight me
potted flowers colourful and bright
The constant flurry of wild birds 
come to feed from morning to night

There’s fresh water in the birdbath 
and enough food to go around 
I feed the blackbird and her chicks
the mouse takes what falls ...

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Poor Matt Hancock

Oh that poor man Mr Matt Hancock
minister in charge of our NHS
A difficult job during Covid times
but he found a way to relieve the stress

He appointed an aide to assist him
together they put restrictions in place
They broke their own social distancing rules 
caught on camera in a close embrace 

It would seem it’s acceptable to cheat
but not to break the law of hands, face, space

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Like spectators at Silverstone
standing together in tiered rows
Daisies line up by the motorway
turn verges into wild meadows

A crowd of nodding flower heads
face upwards to the bright blue sky
Swaying in the warm summer breeze
as speeding cars and trucks whizz by

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Community Garden

A surprise to find 
this wild garden in the city
built to help the bees
by the local community

Beside busy roads
and the noisy London traffic
Pretty flowers grow
silently doing their magic

Version 2

A surprise to find
a wild garden in the city
grown to help the bees
by the local community

Beside busy roads
carrying loud London traffic
Pretty flowers bloom
silently performin...

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Perfect Moment

A perfect moment in time
as we welcome the daybreak
Sun rays stream through dappled cloud
and shimmer upon the lake

As they glide across their stage 
spotlight falls on the swan clan
A beautiful day lies ahead
enjoy it if you can

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Our Garden Tonight

A midsummer evening
the setting sun sits low 
catching the garden plants 
vibrant colours aglow

Hot pink, scarlet, purple 
yellow, orange and white 
petunia and pansies 
radiant and bright

Copper coloured acer
tall, majestic and bold
the distant house windows 
reflect shimmering gold

Long shadows on the lawn 
cast by low grey stone walls 
a slight chill in the air
as the tempe...

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Distant Rain

a view from the top of the world
Yorkshire countryside lies below 
a patchwork pattern of green fields 
stitched together by hedgerow

heavy grey clouds swell in the sky
distant rain is fast approaching 
close my eyes, breathe in the sweet, fresh air
listen to the birds singing

photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Pandemic News

Top to bottom, bottom to top

Will the pandemic news ever stop

Round and round it goes

When it will end, nobody knows

Pandemic update frustration 

A depressing situation 

News told via numeration 

Data and dates declaration

Each day the same conversation

Millions take their vaccination 

It's spreading across the nation

Covid news exasperation

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Freedom Day

Today we should have been celebrating
the lifting of restrictions on “Freedom Day”
Sadly, the data and dates are not aligned
so the pandemic analysts say

Holiday plans put on hold once more
questions for double jabbed travel remain
No dancing the night away at the disco
wedding arrangements revised again

Of course there are a few exceptions 
clearly politicians are excluded
After thi...

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Fertile Plant

Look what I found sprouting from my wall
Standing proud despite being quite small 
This plant so fertile 
Raised a cheeky smile 
Sadly it’s bloom will bring it’s downfall 

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Just for fun

Happy Fathers Day

To all the Dads, Grandads and Husbands
Happy Fathers Day to you
Today we show our appreciation 
for everything you do

Gifts, cards and messages of thanks
will be sent across the nation
Families will get together
to share in this celebration

A difficult day for some
whose loved ones are no longer here
Reminiscing on happy memories
of those they hold so dear

So lucky to still have ...

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Once upon a summer day

once upon a summer day
as the new day was dawning
nature slowly comes to life
to greet the peaceful morning

the golden globe sun is veiled
by a rising misty shroud
from the sleeping giant trees 
the birds rejoice loud and proud

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Sing A Wild Meadow

Red and yellow and pink and green
purple and orange and blue
I can sing a wild meadow
a summer meadow 
a wild flower meadow too

Big, bright and bold poppy heads
dandelions all aglow
fragile pink ragged robin
through tall green grasses they grow

Purple thistles and foxglove 
mallow and corn cockle too
fox and cubs, orange hawkweed
tall cornflowers royal blue 


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Yorkshire Morning

Like an oil painted landscape
the early summer sunrise
As Yorkshire awakens 
to yellow and grey mottled skies

In freshly cut golden fields  
round hay bales sit in neat rows 
Delicate wild flower scent 
drifts from leafy hedgerows

photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Poor Little Blackbird Chick

Poor little blackbird chick
has fallen from his nest
It’s difficult to know 
what to do for the best

Should I attempt a rescue
place him somewhere safe and sound 
Or should I turn a blind eye 
and leave him there on the ground 

I don’t like to see him
helpless and all alone 
Sheltering from harms way
hunkered down by a stone

Busy mum comes and goes 
with food to make him strong

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Blenheim Palace

A visit to Blenheim Palace
On a hot and sunny June day
Amazing buildings and gardens
Breathtaking in every way

Over three hundred years ago
Gifted from Queen Anne to John Churchill 
The seat of Dukes of Marlborough
Today the twelfth Duke lives there still 

The only non royal residence
To be granted the palace name
Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill
One of the Palaces claims to fame


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Oxford the “City of Dreaming Spires”
Famous for its university
From the top of the Carfax Tower
You can view this fabulous city

We climbed ninety nine spiralling steps 
To the height of seventy four feet
To view the skyline and countryside 
Churches, steeples, spires and busy streets

Admiring grand architecture
Peeking through locked gates and open doorways 
Wandering along old cobbl...

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Oxford Botanical Gardens

A trip to Oxford Botanic Gardens
plants, trees and flowers everywhere 
A collection from all around the world
treated with tender loving care

Established 400 years ago
5000 species on display
UKs oldest botanical garden
with its old stone walls and archways

Magnificent glasshouses and ponds
lawns and borders map our way
Strolling around these stunning gardens
a wonderful way to spen...

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Site Visit

A change of scenery today
I've swapped my Cumbrian fell view  
For a site visit with my husband 
he has important work to do 

Four hours on the busy roads
has brought us many miles from home
Now at our destination 
to the bland land of monochrome

I wait patiently in the car
all I see around me is grey
The sky, buildings and the lorries 
makes the most tedious display 

Hopefully h...

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Perked Up

summertime and sunshine
brings a colourful blaze
spectacular and splendid
brought by hot sunny days

rejuvenated and refreshed
by two hours of drizzly rain
reenergised and revitalised
my garden looks perky again

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watercolour painted sky 
mottled orange, blues and creams
perfectly mirrored skyscape 
one of Mother Natures dreams

distant sound of gentle wind 
rustling through silhouette trees
gliding across still waters 
bird song carries on the breeze

stunning early morning scene 
lake reflecting sunrise skies
turn this photo upside down 
see a trick played on your eyes 

Photo Credit Dr Ami...

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Costa Del Kirkby

Welcome to Costa del Kirkby
on the banks of the River Lune
The number one destination 
for staycations this month of June

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Yorkshire Today

Rolling fields of green
stone walls inbetween
Leaves quiver on trees
gentle summer breeze 

Low brook shimmering
warm sun glimmering
Countryside display 
of Yorkshire today 

photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Dandelion Clocks

Four fluffy dandelion clocks
time keepers of the hedgerows
seeds of time gently float away
when the summer wind puffs and blows 

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Getting Back To Normal

They say things are getting back to normal 
or maybe they are not
Can anyone remember normal times
or have we all forgot

Will things ever get back to normal
who knows what normal will be
If no one can remember normal times 
who defines normality

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Feeding Time

Fed up of the crows and rooks
taking more than their fair share
Small birds, blue tits and robins
need a bit of extra care

This morning at four o'clock
I had a great idea
I recalled an old dog crate
unused for many a year

I found it in the wood store
and built this feeding site
Now the little birds get fed
the rooks and crows can take flight

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I Can Sing A Hedgerow

Red and yellow and pink and green
purple and orange and blue
I can sing a hedgerow
a May hedgerow 
A wild flower hedgerow too

Walls of copper red beech leaves
glossy buttercups below 
Pretty red pink campion
tall green grass from the meadow 

Purple honesty moonwort
fragile orange poppies too
Lots of forget me nots
bells in every hue of blue

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