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The Covid crisis in India
It is heartbreaking beyond belief
Seeing the sick starved of oxygen
Unparalleled, devastating grief

Unimaginable suffering
Unaided, gasping for every breath
Suffocating out in the fresh air
The pandemic causing so much death

Feeling helpless, useless, overwhelmed
There must be help sent and very quick
This disaster is a worldwide threat
We need to help all ...

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Cherry Blossom

The long wait is now over
Your invitation is here
The time at last has arrived
For the event of the year

Cherry blossom and blue sky
So much joy this pair will bring
A marriage made in heaven
A celebration of spring

Billowing clouds of blossom
Delicate cherry pink haze
Stop and take just a moment
Hold the image in your gaze

Take the memory with you
Keep it safely in your mind

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River Mirror

The river becomes a mirror
Playing tricks upon the eye
Shallow crystal clear water
Reflecting spring trees and sky

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Pretty, Purple Pansies

Pretty, purple pansies planted in pots
Sheltering under budding trees

Huddled together as if keeping warm
Shivering in the chilly breeze


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A Message To You

Your mind is like a patch of earth
And your thoughts are the tiny seeds
Be sure to grow pretty flowers
always suppress the growth of weeds

Your heart is whole like the full moon
and your love shines through just as bright
Be sure to aim towards the stars
let them guide you through the dark night

Your ambition gives you wings
and your dreams can take flight like a bird
Be sure to have...

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Super Pink Moon

Dusky pink and light grey scattered clouds
Backdropped by baby blue evening sky
Anticipate the super pink moon
Another April day has passed by

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Exotic Location Irritation

I have found one good thing about Covid
I have stopped shouting at my TV
At those daytime competitions
shot on location by a tropical sea

Celebrities travel all over the world
to film a five minute TV slot
Why did they need to fly thousands of miles
to find the perfect idyllic spot

Due to pandemic travel restrictions
foreign holiday travel is now banned
They film from our countryside...

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Worldwide Vaccination

An adaptation of a previous post, in light of recent Covid news from India

I can’t be the only one
who would pay for my vaccination
How much would be considered
a reasonable donation

How much would I ever pay
to keep my loved ones safe and well
One pound or two, five or ten
maybe a hundred who could tell

I wonder if there are others
thinking similar thoughts as me
I wonder how muc...

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Golden Glow

Golden fire glow 
blurred by mist rising
Silver lake mirror
smudged sky reflecting

Sun rays radiate 
mist gently dispersing
Water calm and clear
scene slowly emerging

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Doctors Last Orders

When asked this question by my Doctor

why do I find it difficult to think

Even harder to answer truthfully

how many alcohol units I drink 


I wonder does anyone tell the truth 

when this question takes them by surprise 

Is there an algorithm for the answer

based on the figures told in my lies


In fear of being labelled reckless

irresponsible or even dependant


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Being Human

Going through my poems trying to collate and put in some sort of order. Came across this one that was inspired by this picture shared on Facebook. I don't think I have shared it on WOL before.

You fall and rise
You make mistakes
You live and learn
You are human

You love and hurt
You are not perfect
You think and breath
You are human

You worry and dream
You have doubts
You enjoy an...

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The Funeral

An image broadcast all around the world
of our Queen in mourning and all alone
Steadfast in her duty to her Country
abiding to Covid rules, respect was shown

They say God works in mysterious ways
I do wonder if he played his part
Granting Prince Philip the funeral he had planned
perfectly mapped out from the start

Years of planning and preparation
he said his final farewell in his own...

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A New Day

A new day gently emerges
escaping the darkest night
The golden sun slowly rises
bringing the morning light

Wild animals take cover
hiding away out of sight
Wild birds welcome the new dawn 
singing songs cheery and bright

The lake peaceful, calm and still 
reflecting clouds and sunlight
The budding trees stand tall
quivering on the breeze, cool and slight

Like a butterfly from a c...

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An update on my poem from a few days ago. 

There is talk of a court battle 
Between Cuthbert and Colin
If M&S take action against Aldi
I wonder who will win

In the war of the caterpillars
Of the chocolate cake kind
It seems it’s all about the face
So similar you will find 

When we have a celebration
We never bother to bake 
We pop to the supermarket 
For a caterpillar cake 


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Colin vs Cuthbert

So the court battles begins
Between Cuthbert and Colin
M&S take action against Aldi
I wonder who will win

In the war of caterpillars
Of the chocolate cake kind
It seems it’s all about the face
So similar you will find 

When we are celebrating
We never bother to bake 
We pop to the supermarket 
For a caterpillar cake 

There is so much choice 
Wiggles from Sainsburys, Curly from T...

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April Showers Brings May Flowers

A bright and beautiful floral display
Brings us all cheer until the month of May 
Sheltering from gloomy April showers
Under this parasol made from flowers

A bright and beautiful floral display
Brings us much cheer to the gloomiest day
This display may be difficult to do 
A simple bunch has the same effect too

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Peaceful Morning

Golden sun warms and thaws icy ground 
In the chilly air I hear no sound 
Silver lake reflects the sky and trees
I see no ripples, I feel no breeze

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Lockdown Restrictions Are Lifting

Lockdown restrictions are lifting

Pubs and cafes only outdoors

Theme parks, shops, gyms and hairdressers 

Allowed to welcome us all once more


Today is the 12th of April

Snow is falling across the land

In true British style and fashion

We will brave the weather, beer in hand 

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Prince Philip RIP

Prince Philip, the Queens beloved husband

He was her constant strength and stay

Our country mourns his passing 

The sad news was announced yesterday 


Married in nineteen forty seven 

Seventy three years of marriage 

Sadly, he did not see one hundred

But ninety nine is a grand age


He was the longest serving consort 

A husband, a prince amongst men

Father of f...

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Forming An Orderly Queue

The milking parlour is an ice cream shop in our town.

Like the families in town

queuing down the street

Outside the Milking Parlour

for their ice cream treat


Cattle and their young

forming an orderly queue

Looks like social distancing

is in place for cattle too


Photo Credit Robin Ree

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All Four Seasons

All four seasons in one day
April showers come and go
One moment we have sunshine
Soon replaced by icy snow

All four seasons in one day
Causing chaos everywhere
It is so inconvenient 
Not knowing which coat to wear 

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Solar Powered

I bought some solar powered lights
actually, I bought quite a few
Now I have come to the conclusion
I may be solar powered too

In dull weather I feel lethargic
lacking energy, low and slow
In the sunshine I feel energised
recharged, fired up, set to go

Like my solar powered garden lights
my cells need charging by sunlight
I hope by the time summer arrives
my light will shine bright,...

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Easter Photograph

This old photograph, not one of mine
really did make me laugh out loud
I imagine it was taken back in the day
by a mother, so proud

I bet that menacing rabbit costume
actually cost quite a lot
They wanted an Easter family photograph
and this is what they got

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Please Take It Home

A repost from last year, terrible to see things haven't improved. 

Next time you take a picnic on your day trip

Remember the outdoors is not one big skip

So give it some thought

Take home what you brought

Leave your spot like you found it, not like a tip

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Easter Saturday

Old weathered grey gravestones

New leaves unfurl on trees

An empty wooden bench

A cloud floats on the breeze


Bright yellow daffodils

Lush green grass, clear blue sky

Cherry pink spring blossom 

Delighting passers by

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The Arctic Circle

Amazing drone footage 
captures reindeers swirling round and round 
Forming a hypnotic cyclone 
to keep their young safe and sound

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Candy Coloured Morning Sky

Candy coloured morning sky
at the dawn of this new day
Candy coloured flowers grow
guide me along my pathway 

Chilly silence fills the air
a new spring day comes along
Chilly silence broken by
the alarm clock of birdsong

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Serene Scene

Serene scene at the break of dawn
elegant swan gliding by
Barely a ripple on the lake
reflecting the morning sky

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Early Morning

Early morning golden sun
Shimmering through the trees
Birdsong is the only sound 
Drifting on the gentle breeze

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan


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View From A Wooden Bench

Admiring this beautiful view 
On this glorious Good Friday 
Fish and chips on a wooden bench 
A lovely way to spend today

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As I walk my hour a day

A golden army line my way

Stood to attention tall and proud

Paraded together, a nodding crowd


Wild, strong and free they grow

Against stone walls and in hedgerow

Dancing and swaying in the breeze

Sheltering under the budding trees


A fanfare of trumpets, glowing bright

Dazzling rays in the spring sunlight

Elegant and graceful like a re...

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