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Psychiatric Lingo

How can I explain to you,
A sunset through dead trees?
You want my symptoms 
Explained to you
In words.

If I could see red,
And you only grey,
How could I explain vibrancy?
You call it mania.
You don't understand.

You say
"Everyone gets anxious"
But I think you mean "nervous"?
I feel like
It'd be more treatable
By modern medicine,
If it happened to

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Department of Social and Health Services

Sitting in a plastic chair,
Waiting for a person
To tell me
If I can afford
This month

How did I
Get here?
I had dreams.
I had goals. 
And so did
Everyone in this room.

The wait
The screams of bored children
Pop my peace
And I wonder
It's a simple enough question.

Why me?
Why here? 
Why now?
I suppose. 
His laughter feels
Like nails
Pounded into nails...

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Disability Timeline pt. 2

War is waged
With soldiers
But mostly money.
Isn't that
What old men
With both

I fight the World War of my life,
And yet,
And Yet.
I see neither approach 
On the horizon 
And I wonder
How long
I'll keep looking.

Your promises mean nothing,
Because that
Is what I've got
To show for them.

I implore,
Don't get my hopes up
Again this time.
Say "no" if you want.

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Disabilitygovernment assistancebipolar

Disability Timeline pt. 1

Ask for help,
They say
With quiet judgmental rebuke
So I ask
And then I plead
And deafness
Greets his friend

Means tomorrow.
Next week.
I have yet to see
"Within the year"
And it's been Two.

Each letter,
A careful trapeze,
Am I too sick?
Not sick enough?
The war waged on 
In my body.
They promised me
"Within the year."

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mental illnessdisabilitygovernment assistancebipolar

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