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the dream cut loose

made to withdraw

in a state of argumentative woundedness

from the verbal battlefields of soured love 


the depths of its value poured away

an expelling from and disassociation with the soul's sustenance

integrated into a foreign strangeness

painfully woven into the fabric of loneliness


while unwantedly hearing every door

that you hoped could be reopened  for prodig...

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belated realizations of my Father

older I become

the more of what you intended to do and be

I am finding is gradually being brought

into the light of my life at last

step by daily step piece by beloved piece


the silenced constancy of your once misunderstood tender care

finally drawing the worthy attention and rewards

never paid in your living days.


The unnoticed filling of our home with an air of ...

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of a suicide



like the companionship of roses

but dewed with human tears

they gather around the thorniness of the deed,

the sad forced departure

trying so hard to glean something from the loss

able to create even a small and kindly glow


as their minds struggle

to permeate

the unexpected dark event

answers unsettled,forsaking.


This was an ordered death.



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The Lazarus effect

After Winters deathlike imposition

after Springs reincarnating miraculous call

after umbilically leaving the seeds womb


come the roses


to again smile in the arms of  Mother Sun

to again lift the spirits of all

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wintering reluctance



the thought alone

of doing

makes me not want to

and is agreed with

by the beds warm alternative

which leaves me

cosily making more promises

that each icy day

will ever so easily

help me to break

in seconds.

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not knowing where I was

though I walk here daily and had known the landscape since childhood.


Maybe I was half asleep from the effects of work?

maybe it was the clouds strangely affecting the light?



But in those moments of loss and disorientation

it seemed as though I had been forcibly involved with the deepest unknown

given no other option t...

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in memory of a balked poem

my saddled poetical intention

pulled up short at the first fence

words teased but didn't want to take part


what should have been an easy trip for them

to reach the finishing line was not to be

they had let me down shortly after the start

refusing to run from my pen


it was as though I was driving a car without indicators

sailing a ship bereft of a compass



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after quite some time

the red block capitals


not being weather proof enough

have worn away

as will this coastal path

by lifetimes of defiant rambling feet

of which some voluntary feet will return

to put right any unavoidable damage it has to be said.


Although having paid little heed of the unsociable warning

we nevertheless can still feel the unfriendli...

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yeah right!

I would swim any ocean-he had said

I would climb any mountain-he had said

I would walk a mile over hot coals-he had said

I would fight my way through all the armies in the world-he had said

just to prove how much I love you-he had said.


See you on Friday night-he had said on Thursday night

if its not raining-he had additionally said.


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intensely close call

entry picture

but for

snaking pulsating conduits

electrically monitoring your earlier than usual arrival


fluid providing fluid removing

synthetic arteries

neccessarily invading the glass display encasement

those life saving imperative connections


you would not have been

the beautiful frail dwarfed miracle

that you are on this first of your days.

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burden of doubt

I can never go back to his heart

until every single second of its damaging effect on mine

has bled from my memory.


I am near bereft of the desire

to look anymore at his version of love

through the only torn rag curtained bleak window

he has to offer.


Having to endure another beginning of the old

another carrying of my sorrowful luggage

to the waiting train to ...

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Jubilation abounds! Spiritually I am at one with Heaven!

Everything within me is giving off the feeling of renewed proposition.

My passion for life refreshed.

Hope is high flying.

All my solutions have been clarified.

No more will thoughts winter in my mind.

Every dream is blossoming into a future

that talks to me with silk smooth promise. 

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far edge of summer

"it hasn't ended just yet,so continue with the celebrations!"

bloomings and migratory birds continue gesticulating.


See! the grass is still rising and Aprils showers intermittently visit

becoming late Augusts friend and dance partner.


All these and more go on holding hands

a warming togetherness waltzing to the suns fading burnt sienna music.


Colours from natures c...

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eye language

entry picture

that look of yours

the one that beautifully translates your feelings

in such a way

that it tells me you have put your signature

on a note pinned to your heart saying

'take all you need'

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I meant to leave it there

but I was tempted to go back

to it

time and time again,until

I realised the uselessness

it carries

reminding me

what it isn't like

to be immortal

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clearly unclear

for safety reasons I live behind glass

the other side being safe is a lie that I must breathe in to breathe out

which makes me cry,why I don't know

but what I do know is that although life on my side

shines through to the other side constantly

it is never able to reveal a single movement or moment of truth.

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with love and thanks

For not being unaware of my loneliness

and for being a beacon of hope

I love you.

You have put in the darkness

a guiding star

and set it down

directly in the centre

of your ever open heart.


A beautiful radiance

amid a sea of shadows.

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after summing up

I added you

to the multiplications

of my days

until the decision was made

for us to subtract ourselves

and equally divide.

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dream messenger

spirit on imagined wings notes my plea then with all haste flies

to whisper in the sleeping ear of my beloved of how for him this heart sings

that he dawn awoken will hear the echoes for they shall cling

help make him aware of the sincere offerings my love implies


to favourably clothe his decision and fulfill my needs

such useage of no more beautiful words than these wishful se...

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calendrical menu

Here are the days

whose graphic ingredients continually feed us.

Bitter-sweet tasteless and tasteful histories.

A well stocked larder of visually pictorial and mindfully remembered fayre.

Some deliciously placed between slices of suns and moons so wantonly consumed again and again

others left to become subjected to never ending shelf lives.


Seasoned past times rotating over ...

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concealer of courage

Her rising to the surface of life is without possibility

she continues sinking

knowing what terrible consumer

is working its destruction beneath her calm exterior.


There is no need for her apology of having tried to go it alone

but the thought of her having tried to do so

brings on a series of unwanted gulps in my throat.


Here is a lady who always insisted

on bein...

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pausing in hell

first dawn of his new loneliness arises.

The weight of her absence is being born

in the everything she once was

and in the everywhere they had been together.


He is being exiled

to where his unwanted companion

-the unknown

is waiting with dark,vicious gifts

gifts he is forced to accept.


So long is the road to recouperation

so long will it be for blessings of ...

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when we forget,dear memory come to call

though your content's be both dark and light

that with age we may laugh now of when you made teardrop's fall

strange,our reversal's are like the sun coming out at night.


With experienced heart's we perform this change

from behind the souls time renewing shield

arrow's of sadness can no more disarrange

or make such alteration's yield...

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lost babie's

little broken fledgeling's

having taken their damaged wings

to be repaired by

and fly forever in

the company of angels

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tonight again the tumult

sorrowfully homing in on failure

mourners of the defeated warriors of ill intent  

unable to have darkened lifes illuminations

or shake any from their happy mantlings.


My dreams rejecting each and every one of their shadowing attempts

as I lie within my fortress of becalmed sleep

wrapped in the loosened moon dipped tourniquet of night


blind eyed to the huddled coweri...

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sorrow must never forget

entry picture













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Chair's having lost their comfort's long ago,

curtain's too many times besieged by moth mouth's and sunlight,

a table with an unlevelling mind of its own,

inadequately repaired ornament's

that had strayed over mantlepiece edge's on countless occasion's

dulled once dazzling kitsch odditie's hoarded in my magpie day's,

a wood wormed grandfather clock,now out of time,having stood to...

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without warning

unexpectedly,hit by a full on grieving bombshell of this;

his early death.

The funds challenging consequential cost too!

But oh! and then some,of having to greet the long disconnected relations,

pouring in drove's out of the woodwork

salivating for his house contents,

along with any monetary additional's they hope will put the icing on undeserved bequeathed cakes.


There t...

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from behind smashed windows

There was my love nest

under the roof of an abandoned cottage

where I was laid low on many occasions in the arms of convenient lovers

with only shadows as witnesses to my promiscuity.


It has been rumoured that this cosy ruin

had also been frequented by many other love needing of my gender

for the very same purpose.




In our remote locations


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In a downloaded dream

In which I am an escaped binary presence

slipping the clutch's of computerized control,freed,

taking to the heavens on laughter guilded wings

to join the glittering throng of innumerable earth-seen diamond's


my sleeping memory updating as I go


higher and higher into the cosmos

chasing flame tailed comets,and flinging my digitalized craft

through airless void's betwee...

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linger awhile,weakening love,

for I feel our days together are dwindling,

damaging me beyond all reparations.I ask,

since the inflictions of your inevitable departure are looming

and will cut deeply,that you do not leave me in loneliness,

until my heart has emptied its last tear in preparation for a life in shadows.


Come closer,but do not pity me.

Though the sorrow I shal...

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Manchester Arena (A space for condolences to those who died and their families)


Without any doubt whatsover,people WILL go there in the coming days,to pay their respects.

Without any doubt whatsoever,people WILL continue going there in the coming days to show





R.I.P 22 victim...

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Writing this,I am locked in a room of pain.

Your unfounded sensations of my abandonment

are foolishly stabbing every inch of my skin.

My true devotedness to you is being deceitfully forced to bleed

out of our world. 

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loves literacy

I will always be able

to heal my wounds with words

as long as they are yours.

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you are finishing your whisky and soda

I the same with my gin and tonic.


Both trying so hard not be separated

by words our hearts do not have the courage to say.


How long will those unsaid words continue

to silently dress and damage the space between us?



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best rollercoaster ride ever!!

at the very beginning I jumped in heart first but then thought

I can't believe I'm doing this!

what the hell was I thinking? maybe this isn't such a good idea blah blah blah (and a few etceteras) 

except at this point its too late for backing out

because we're moving!


climbing then spinning and looping crazy-like

but thinking that I'm more than sure we're going to survive


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a bastard abandons

your mood has unnaturally transfigured

I am fearing your desires alteration and physical dissatisfaction in each changing gesture.


Our exchanges of words lately

have been thinning out into longer and longer silences.


I wait anxiously hoping and shivering seeing a descending moon

innocent but helping to add to the deeper darkness

in your new look destroying any chance of...

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above all and everything in the universe

I could break my love into quarters

maybe send a piece to the Neptunian brood and their Trident bearing King of the sea

perhaps another to Queen Nature and her seasonal children

possibly a third to Lord Moon and his starry family


I might even consider giving the last part to Emperor Sun and tendril'd dependants

but should these givings be my duty to do?

they should but my he...

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once bitten

In some hopeful place of my anticipations

I have stored a true heart,a dedicated soul to be

and the ash's of a calendar that once was crowded with too many lonely days.


There also,a casket filled with the ways

of how deeply I could love the right person

but not he who promises the world on a plate at far more than a costly price.


Maybe one day,the perfect you might arri...

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soul stripped

attempting to restore our crash damaged words is impossible

those that have died in dark sun drained conversations

destroying the  yesterdays

in which I thought we were trying to teach each other who we were meant to be

able to find the perfect way to a perfect future destination.


But your intentions were only one summers flowers

that were to to be drowned in the first of m...

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ark wanted

flash-floods gatecrash at will

when and wherever they choose

creating castaways on the upper islands

of their own home.


Instant lakes

insurers nightmares

builders paradise

emergency services headaches

ducks delight

street surfers heaven

dingy,sandbags,wellington boots,skip hire boom time.


Call it what you will.


Although we don't own control of the...

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in salt water valleys beneath salt water mountains

not much time passes without me thinking of them

adrift on more of a raft than a boat

being on a sea they should have had nothing to do with.


Naive to the precarious inhospitalities of  the tides

which in too many cases will send them to people the biggest silence of all,

cruelly diverted from their appointment with freedom

while the inexcusable looking on world is trying to...

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in a rural sunset

An Owls reverberative call wavers hauntingly

from somewhere on the periphery of this yet untouched meadow,honeyed with tranquility


sagacious,facially heart-shaped vole hunter on night duty.

I need to stop and wholely absorb everything about the everything on eye pleasing display.


Nearby,the chimney of a cosily glowing window'd farmhouse

sends out intermittent grey'ish quil...

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neccessity of fools gold

Stars blaze down from a jet sky

and a half moon appears

to cast a strange rippling line across the sea:


It was exactly

as if two tides were meeting,riffling together,

merging,shimmering in a watery embrace.


This more than satisfied me as being just that,observing from the hotel balcony,

because,I like these kind of beautiful interferences

with everyday mundane thi...

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Epitomy of importance


are only *borrowers*

of the things thought of as being owned by us

and only for as long as they are




could never prostitute my soul

for the sake of any possession

no matter how sentimentally or financially valuable



that is 

the only and most beautiful one


soul and all.

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