Love birds"

Beautiful love birds, in a cage,

making love all night and all day.


Musical charms of morning dew,

brings with it caressing hue.


Like the fog and mist that envelopes the atmosphere, 

love showers bathe the loving birds in lovely coulours.


Beneath the warm blankets and over silken sheets,

their bodies flame up in love heat to cool through love filled sweats.


Their mornings all a purple glow of love at go,

enthralling pulse felt in the lovers shanks and arms.


Caressing, smooching, exploring the supple depths, 

the softness getting restless, creating hardened gentleness. 


Between the oomps' and aah's of making lovel filled art,

both their souls become finally one at the climax hour.


Slowly feeling every inch of eachother's skin and flesh,

bitting, chewing gently and leaving love marks on the bodies.


Their craziness never stops, follows till dusky hours,

filling the air around with beautiful music of love showers.



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Sat 4th Jan 2020 11:15

Bert and many anniversaries they have together seen?

To keep the romance alive, couple try some weird tricks. The only way to keep it going fresh is to keep on reviving the promises, trust,love n faith. Don't need any pills then.

Thank you Don and Mike!!

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Don Matthews

Sat 4th Jan 2020 06:09

Where I am there's plenty of heat. Bushfires razing homes and 40 degree temperatures. A California wildfire scenario. You should know where I'm talking from........

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Sat 4th Jan 2020 05:37

Only suggestion, Don, is to rise to the occasion and get used to seeing more of this fire burning. We need to do what we can to keep warm while staying indoors. 😉

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Don Matthews

Sat 4th Jan 2020 05:13

Good heavens, Mika is right. We're getting some rather hot stuff on WOL at present

I'm going to let my friends Bert and Ethel give their opinion on this Jasmine but I take no responsibility. They have a right to their opinion, as do we all.

Oh.....and they look forward to meeting you up close in LMS where they can speak more freely , if you get my drift......


Yes luv........

We used to make steam under the blankets. Jasmine just reminded me........Now we're struggling to reach room temperature.......Wot's happened?

You fall asleep before we say goodnight luv........


Look at this Jasmine. He's hopeless......asleep on his lounger already and it's only 10am. Maybe I should get some viagra at Tesco?

Suggestions Mika?......


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