Just me"

I'm a child of destiny and fate

Where ever they lead me i must go


I have no friend, parent, siblings or family

Oh world! I was born and I'm still all alone


The winds are my only family 

The world is my only home


I've no home of my own, ain't homeless though

A job is all I've to sustain me till i am whole


God is my creator and my protector too

He wrote my story, it must be best written too


Wherefore i come from, where i may go

I've a lover, who talks to me only in codes


I'm all too lonely,

how will i survive it alone


Love had promised me love and companionship

Now he isn't saying a plan or a word to go


I'm stuck between could be, may be and will be's

No one to share my secrets and make me feel better 


To Lord my God, i share all my sorrows and my griefs

Others just chastise me and judge me without helping me


If poetry can heal me and give me some comfort

I will go on writing my plight till i feel healed and better

◄ Old Year Eve"

Love birds" ►


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