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Chocolate Heart

There was once a boy with a heart of gold,

A lovely lad. Happy. The world, his toy

And yet no stranger to his mother's scold.

Kindness, his friend, he lived in great joy

And grew into a youth with a heart of silver.

Noble and pure, convictionĀ strength unmatched,

He used to ponder life just by the river

And still love his home like a child attached.

Until he became a man wit...

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Who Feared For The Night

There was once a boy who feared for the night,

Who hid under the sheets in terror-stricken fright.

Could not see, could not turn, could not look,

Or the monster would come, roaring from the book.

He used to pretend that he would never be alone;

Every night dark descends, chilled to the bone.

What is the monster? Or who? You never know,

Fear reveals deep dark secrets in the hea...

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  • 2017 (2)


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