Who Feared For The Night

There was once a boy who feared for the night,

Who hid under the sheets in terror-stricken fright.

Could not see, could not turn, could not look,

Or the monster would come, roaring from the book.

He used to pretend that he would never be alone;

Every night dark descends, chilled to the bone.

What is the monster? Or who? You never know,

Fear reveals deep dark secrets in the heart below.

Let me not speak, let me not think, lest fear itself

Come leaping like a flame, Leviathan himself.

Where he settles, he breeds and stronger he grows;

Destroying all, he knows not how to mercy show.

What is this Fear which leaves strong men afraid?

Afraid of night, it's silence and of dark dismayed.

Why? Even monsters cannot see in the dark, perhaps that'she not what fear is, dare I remark.

He was not afraid of the monster under the bed,

He knew evil was possible inside his own head.



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