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Jack McClure

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Hi I'm Jack, I'm originally from Northern Ireland but my family moved to Ayrshire on the South West coast of Scotland when I was four years old (around 2000). I grew up there with my mum and dad, my brother and my two sisters. It wasn't until my parents started schooling me at home that I discovered the wonderful joys to be found in writing stories. I wrote a lot of stories during my childhood and early teenage years, one of which I still have, but towards my mid to late teen years, I got into writing poetry. Once a week, during my homeschooled days, my brother and I used to go off to my grandparents house to spend the day. We both loved these days because who doesn't like spending time with their grandparents? But I particularly enjoyed it because my Papa and I used to make a cup of coffee, go into the study and either do geography or read and write poetry. It was from this experience with my Papa that I grew to love poetry, both reading and writing them. Now I've written over 70 poems and counting and I would like an opportunity to share some of them. This blog is such a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of poetry and it would be wonderful to contribute to it and also to learn from the many writers who use the blog.


Little Boy There was once a little boy who wasted his time Believing in Narnian nursery rhyme. Around every corner, behind every door, Outside every window and under the floor. A land of wicked witches and warriors good Full of life and love and delicious food. Where everyone was happy, nobody sad The best life anyone could ever have had. No school, no bullies, no grey uniform; All sky, all grass, riding a unicorn. A land ruled by noble kings and fair queens In glory and splendour unlike any yet seen. Go into the back room and into the closet Take a deep breath, turn around and close it. But I am not there. I am alone and in the dark. I cannot get out. I am alone and in the dark.

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