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I’m stuck for what to buy for my 11 year old

So big sister prises herself off Facebook

to help spend my money 

(an honourable cause, in her books)

and suddenly we’re flicking through the years

as she remembers the day Santa died

a friend’s house, a dinner table

how adult and child laughed as they stuck the knives in

how she’d wanted to cry, but joined in

ten ...

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She Loves Me

She loves me to the sun and back

moon, planet, stars

She loves me 100%

(which is as far as you can go)

She has a love chain

and I’m at the top

along with God and Jesus

Below me come family

then friends

then neighbours

then the unknown, who are nice

then robbers and murderers

who aren't

She tells me not to post this

because it’s cheesy


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