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Life with misses

Life with misses

Wednesday,19th February 2020


Nothing renders me speechless

not even injustice

but the breaking of promises

in day-to -day life with misses


how come I accept?

the act

of a friend

who had promised me hand till an end


how can i accept the girl friend?

who was to join me in my dreamland!

now turned it into desert

with so much of an...

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Good site-bad behvior

Good site-bad behavior

Thursday,20th February 2020


If you are searching the real hell

you have to go nowhere and tell

the foul smell is everywhere

it can be felt here too


whether you write or not

you are single handedly caught

your work is not taken into account

the draconian environment is around


what will they do?

they will make you to pass through


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Fall of final curtain

Final fall of curtain

Thursday,20th February 20929 1600 p.m.


The strange voices are heard

many ghost like faces appear

they threaten me with their clumsy look

I refused to look at and shook the head


how many month s have passed?

but wish to see their faces have not ceased

how good were they playing before eyes!

I lye down and desperately try to see



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Always helpful

Always helpful

Monday,17th February 2020



serve as soothsayer

real help when you are in anger

and know nothing out of fear


it is always good to bow down

and make it known

that you are guilty

and so offer prayers to an almighty


if you have an open mind

go and find out

what helps you most in troubles

when you are surrendering as an individ...

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With an open mind

With an open mind

Sunday,16th February 2020


You have an open mind

and that finds

peace at heart

and remains with as calm part


religious places

often help in such cases

the place is filled with trees, plants and flowers

that reminds us of divine touch in prayers


once you step in

some changes are seen

you are so much appealed

and heart is filled


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