Step Mother

With every breathe I take you drag me down,
With every second I spend awake you force me to drown.
In my sorrow.
In my wounds.
I wonder if there'll be a tomorrow.
I'm in love.
With a boy.
He completes me, makes spending the days with you.
But with every breathe I take is a fighting one.
Like two arms pulling me apart.
I wonder if he sees the pain that lies u...

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A Vision of Love

O' the vision I see when my eyes are closed
That kiss in the sakura trees
How rich that moment that was felt most
Wonderful filling of my heartfelt needs
That moment that our lips touched
I could feel my heart rush
My heart wanted to clutch
Please don't leave my heart a crush
I can't understand this feeling I feel
This feeling of warmth inside
I can't tell if this is all real
I can feel...

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Falling for a Girl (Man's POV)

When you fall for a girl, your whole world changes.
What you say, what you do, how you think, how you even breathe.
She is the air you take in.
The air you never want to let go.
You do better in class because you love the way her smile makes you feel,
you make lame jokes just to hear her laugh.
You sit in silence because everything she does is amazing.
The way she speaks Spanish, the way sh...

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#life #destiny #fate


You seen my face
you seen my smile,
you seen my breast;
and I have seen the lies.

You seen me laugh
you seen me happy;
you seen me carefree;
and I have seen the darkest nights.

You seen my eyes,
you seen my soul;
you seen the tears flowing
yet it is I who hides.

You seen my body,
you seen my scars,
you seen me as ugly as I can be,
and I have seen myself longing to die.

You ...

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Working Man By: My Best Friend Waylon <3

He works hard all day

For the bills he has to pay

He gets home and sits down

Then hears the bill collector is in town

As he gets up to go back to his job

He starts to softly sob

For if he doesn’t work in the heat

His family doesn’t get to eat

He works until he is so sore

He can’t move at all anymore

As he sees his family one last time

He says “ya’ll will be fine”


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What is this feeling
This heart crushing feeling
I feel like I want to cry
Yet I can barely sigh.
I want to run far away
far away from myself.
My heart has been tattered
my spirits been tamed
I just want to let it out,
but my screams are whispers.
My thoughts are killer,
and my wrist will suffer.

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#Life #Real

Stillest Point

It's one o clock in the morning and life is at it's stillest.
It's one o'clock and I finally realized I'm at the stillest.
Stillest point where I don't move,
where I don't breathe, nor think.
The stillest point.

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Your Touch

Your touch send me in a frenzy,
the way you come up behind me and
wrap your hands around my throat;
you whisper a sweet lullaby and I get all dizzy.

The way you bite my lip,
I'm sure my heart will flip.
The way you touch my breast,
and pull my waist closer to yours
the way you pull my hair;
I feel my heart at its crest.

Your touch send me in a frenzy,
the way your hands travel aroun...

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#brokenlove #meandyou


My world was black and grey until I first seen you,
it was like all the sudden I could see the cosmos swirling around us,
My world was plain and simple until you came around.
I thought'd it was the light so I walked away,
there was no color,
only black and grey.

When I first bumped into you my world came together,
everything had a color.
I knew I loved you and I think you felt it too.

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He held her so close to him she never wanted to let go.
He told her he loved her, was she really the one?
He promised her forever, but never gave her always.
He was a christian, and she was still finding her way.
He raised her heart so high, then dropped everything she was.
Her heart ached for him, yet he was with another,
she cried so many tears, she felt broken.
She hides all her pain ins...

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#problems #life #battles #loveandhate #bestfriend

The Beauty

{ This about the Moon and her grace. }

The moon is so full and bright
it's beauty is powerful and the light bending and
turning for everyone to see her beauty.
Can I touch your beautiful spirit?
The way you pull the waves and whisper in the wind,
can people not see that the beauty lays within the moon?
Pull me closer, turn me into one of you.
I feel your beauty trapping me in your gaze,

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#moon #mermaids #free-spirit

The Deep Darkness

The wind blows harder and harder
Pushing him towards the edge,
does he jump or is his life a barter?
He screams and the world shakes violently
Yet his tears fall silently.
His voice is lost amongst the roaring of the ocean,
his pleas for help drowned by the deepness.
It shallows him up.
Dancing in the darkest current.
He's singing with the sirens,
Never again to see the light of day.

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Little Sister Hush Hush

Hush, little sister
Please don't cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby

I can see your arms
Bloodied and bruised
That's strange, little sister
Mine were like that too

I know you scream
When Daddy's there
Hush, little sister
I know you're scared

I can see the way
He's hurting you
I'm sorry, little sister
He did that to me too

I know that people
Ignore what's goin...

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#death #sisterlove

Ugly Words

There are so many things I wish I could scream at you,
     there are so many ugly words I could use.
And here are a few.

You build me up just to tear me down,

     The bruises you left on me still remain like my frown. 

There are days where I just want to drown. 

      All because I fell in love with you. 

The you I thought you were. 

       The you that ...

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#brokenheart #love

The Missing Piece

I look for something that can't be found.

Though I search all night and day.

The memories of pain left a hole once more.

For my eyes are swollen as I cry.

That my heart was left sore.

For my answers will be found in the land that I am bound.

I am missing a piece of my heart.

And how I long for that piece.

I have a heartfelt need for that piece that can't be found.


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sad love

Daddy's Little Princess

Hush my little Princess just lay your head on me,
and I'll keep the nightmares away.
Hush little Princess don't you forget,
Daddy's here and he's here to stay.
I know we lost mommy but know she's okay,
maybe one day you'll understand;
why I'd to take you away.
See mommy was sick,
she was too busy sucking bricks.

She mommy was always high,
she never was around to keep you on steady grou...

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