My world was black and grey until I first seen you,
it was like all the sudden I could see the cosmos swirling around us,
My world was plain and simple until you came around.
I thought'd it was the light so I walked away,
there was no color,
only black and grey.

When I first bumped into you my world came together,
everything had a color.
I knew I loved you and I think you felt it too.
We made eye contact
and I didn't know what to do.
The world passed us by,
but we just stood there looking into each other's eyes.

I seen all the colors in your beautiful eyes,
I seen the way you blushed and smiled,
as I looked up I seen us in the heavens upon the sky.
It started to rain and it broke our daze,
you looked scared and you walked away.

I ran after you and asked you on a date,
you agreed to go and we sped away.
We got coffee and talked for hours,
I knew I loved you,
but we just met and I was a coward.
You were the light of my world,
And when you died it withered like a flower.



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