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Another bad day

I’m trying to remember the moments I truly felt alive,

Like the time I ran in the rain, or when I got my first 'A’,

I’m trying to conjure up the feeling I had when I was on the sunroof of my friend’s car. We were going down the hill, and I was yelling, ‘GO FASTER!’, and he did.

I’m trying to replicate the love I had for myself when I moved to another country for 46 days,

And it was bea...

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It's 3AM, god I hope the Moon is out

'If the Moon is out today, it will be a good day'
And she was, hence it was.

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Is today a good day to?

Is today a good day to?
And if not today, when?

Most times it feels like it is.
Maybe it's the crushing feeling of my heart beating,
The drowning feeling when I stop breathing,
The constant feeling of being under threat,
The constant feeling of impending danger...

And some days I feel like it's not.
When the joy is more than what I bargained for,
I'm on top of the clouds,
In the midd...

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Are you happy?

Are you happy?

It's easier to make it seem that way,

Because when you're happy, everything is okay,

And you want to live forever,

And watch the moon's cycle over and over, 

And you want to see the different sky patterns,

And create your own, because your mind, your mind isn't a dark spaced oblivion,

And you're not afraid of the long drop, 

Or the impending weightless doom,


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