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Hafsah Siti

Updated: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 05:48 am

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I'm not very good at a lot of things but I hope my writing makes up for that.

The dark, the light and everything in between

The dark seemed darker, maybe because today I seemed happier (using ‘happy’ from lack of a better term) Because today, when my heart is lighter, the dark is uncomfortable, I don’t like it …. Switch on the light Usually, the dark is lighter The dark is home Usually, I like the dark Because I can breakdown Without being called weak Because I can be hysterical Without being called mad In the dark, I feel alone Not lonely alone, Safe alone Where I can feel everything I want to feel without being seen as pathetic or crazy How stereotypical, the dark representing sadness and a heavy heart How predictable How predictable that on good days, I can’t stand the dark It’s too dark No, today I want to see life, I want to notice everything around me How didn’t I notice them before ? It’s all beautiful, Thank you light. Sometimes I wish the light would stay on longer Sometimes I don’t want the sun to set Sometimes all I want to do is wait for the sun to rise Sometimes I don’t want the light dim, dim is somber and sad Dim is too close to dark So change the light Make it bright Today, I want to see the beauty of life But no matter how much I love and find comfort in the dark, I want so desperately to experience light, to experience life Because the light has a sort of peace the dark couldn’t possibly fathom And then, Finally, ‘feeling something’ will be the best feeling in the world! Finally, I can get the word ‘Happy’ out of its quotes!

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