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A Winter Sock's Lament


It's rather dark and bleak in here
and I think I've worked out why;
We've nothing left to talk about -
the conversation has run dry

We can be quite a jolly bunch
full of rhymes and rhetoric
But time ticks slow and now we know
in the end... we're just too thick

So we're feeling quite neglected
'cos in this summer weather
we're forced to lie inside this drawer
and be no use whatsoeve...

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Bloody hell! - they're at it again!
There's a shuffling noise from the drawer
It's clear they're having a promiscuous party
And swapping their partners once more
I'd paired them up with duty and care
Matching them as they should be
But I left them alone for 10 ruddy minutes
And now they're loose and free
The reds are sleeping with the blues
The greens pair with the brown
The st...

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I was tricked!
I fell for their little scam
"4 pairs for £5" the label said
That drew me in -
Basic human, innocent error
Down that aisle of needs
With underwear, dressing gowns,
slippers and belts
They knew how to behave
They sat, so quietly
Gently paired
Nicely pressed
Coolly hanging together
I probably missed the snigger
from the garments around
As I naively ...

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