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I was tricked!
I fell for their little scam
"4 pairs for £5" the label said
That drew me in -
Basic human, innocent error
Down that aisle of needs
With underwear, dressing gowns,
slippers and belts
They knew how to behave
They sat, so quietly
Gently paired
Nicely pressed
Coolly hanging together
I probably missed the snigger
from the garments around
As I naively dropped them
into my basket
And headed towards the milk
I'll never know for sure
Whether they are bad by nature
Or driven that way by the first
Spin of the washing machine
(That would surely send me mad too)
Either way, once that first
Mad cycle is over
All pretence is gone
They are single, free and promiscuous
They'll never be paired the same way again
They'll choose their own partners
Ignoring colour, style, season
And shuffle and giggle in their drawer
While I'm busy doing other things
I forgive them -
They bring me comfort
on my daily journeys
And now that I've learnt
To let them have their own way
I'm happier for it
One less thing to worry about
So, in this world of chaos
I boldly play my part
By being a man who wears odd socks


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David Lindsay

Tue 22nd Mar 2016 07:51

Thanks very much for the comments :)

I've another strange one written with the same title, which I might post on here sometime.
When it comes to poems about socks, I guess it's inevitable they'll be odd and come in pairs!

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Trevor Alexander

Sun 20th Mar 2016 07:26

Even if they're all the same colour/pattern, they never match up properly! I think there must be a sock fairy with an evil sense of humour! Like this one David.

Jemima Jones

Fri 18th Mar 2016 09:37

hahaha! terrific! Thank you.Jemima.

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