Open Your Eyes to See

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Let me take you by the hand

And bring you on a journey to a different land

Where all is new with exciting news

A mind bending trick 

Made to awaken you in time.


Thoughts provoked while you stare at the land

Bringing you closer to the mighty plan

It's nothing to do with a lonely man

Something spouted to you from a deceitful plan.


Read beyond what the education system teaches

The Government ruled by a Monarch

Who controls all that can

Look beyond the night sky where life is flourishing all around

Free energy system created for power & sound

Tunnels that reach further underground.


Are you awoken yet

I can see your exaggerated frown.


Now your eyes are open to see

You can do anything from which you believe

No one can stop you 

On this journey in front

Trapped not

Only forgot

Deliver yourself in the realms of this plot.


Now pass on all you have learned

To children, friends and love me nots

Time to be the teacher

Without preaching

Otherwise we could end up in a deluded mess

That takes time to fix

By sources that see beyond what they have been told.


© 2018 David Irvine


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