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The Climb

The folly of the climb

Black rocks gaze at the blue light

Shines through crystal glass

A polluted mineral underground

Collapsed with dignity

Under the influence of a memory.


The darkened peace continued

On the banks of our fair hill

A cough heard, a click

As the night brings on a warning

And all is silent

Oh, the folly of the climb.

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The ways of standing and seeing
Into a mirror reflecting sky
Crystalline fractures of the moss-strewn depth
Fold throughout pattern in the sunken shaft.

Thermal power, autumn discharge
The feathers white upon the side
The stone cracked and moved with the storm
That struck seven nights back, with the tide.

A crumbling pedestal
Split looking-glass of auburn sheen
Reflects ...

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Weather Crossword

Ochre, ochre, ochre...

Ochre blotches, betray the dry breath
of June.
As we bring home
the August supplement.

Last week's answers, merely
bring more questions.
And I ask,
why is he so cryptic?

That which thunder keeps at bay...
Heat? Light?
A stuffed solar shirt.

On TV, the fuzzy grey cross-hatching
swathes our green
and pleasant land

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The Watcher In The Sunken Grove

In the garden, the sounds are small
that take me back to fond times;
the curling up and crying crawl,
belie the screaming sighs and crimes.

When in a moral shed of sticks,
with doctors there at play with silver
metals and poison pinpricks;
I see that time has trapped me under.

These relatives, a clique of pain;
the sins masquerading as the faithful.
When they come back...

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'I am willing to tell you this bitter tale
Though it pains my resolve to do just such
A pale and noble man was I
I thought the word was in my clutch.


'But we are foolish, as you should know
As nature's beasts we seek to discover
And fulfil, the many flaws found and shaped
Within the empty meanings of humankind.


'I stepped up t...

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The Diving Board

In midnight's grasp you stand before
me naked on the dew swept lawn;
limbs frozen, stiff, misshapen,
pale joints stretched, your challenge sworn.
In lunar light, your shivering
ascent on the rusted rungs builds
anticipation, from the ground;
not stopping at the prospect's thrill.

Repeat ritual, your holy hour;
eyes in rapturous ecstasy;
pointing stiff your hands outward,

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Alone In Cyberspace

Flying through the green-specked nether

Silent yet screaming

At one with the truth

That brought me here

That shaped and moulded me

Plugged me in, zipped and compressed

Now I find myself surrounded

By blank screens and flashing cursors

Endless rows of burning grey plastic

Heated instruments

Surrounded by darkness.


Immersed in frustration, I stand...

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From A High Window

Standing on the wide grey hill

The noontide skyscape hangs heavily

Like fog crafted from artists’ hands

Cities of unease hang invisible in the air.


They pour scorn on every hope in his heart

Picturing clouds unfurling with time

And shades of black rolling in on him.


A binocular gazer, from a high window

In the distance

Watches and waits, careful a...

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52 Hertz


Fade away my dear.

Fade away as you have squandered

the years that fell on deaf ears.

Old hands point to the skies

and at dusk trace circles

eternal reflections in the sea's mirror.


Separation, right from wrong

the line is blurred as sand and foam.

From high

these tears recede, at night

leaving driftwood, still



From networks in ...

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And we shall see

How these words develop

When they wrap around

The tall white spaces

Freeze-dried blocks of crystal matter


In cages our letters remain

Casting gloomy glances across the rain

The trees on fire, as are they

Who speak these words that live today

Made and given life


Now retracted, punish the crime

No-one allowed to speak their ...

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Torn, a blue sky,
With scratches, scrapes
These holes may hide
But songs they slide
Indeliby through
A landscape dry
Years, dead summers
Imprints upon stone
Cracked walls, now rocks
No reconcile shown.
Adorn the cracks
Where once lay an entrance

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Vex Recedo

We march

In the light of day, that came at the third strike

Patterns of our boots etched in the mud

Like twisted leaves, a vortex in the dawn

Takes our breaths with each step

Harmful red lights glinting

Through the broken foliage, the toxic forest

Leaning in by our sides

It can't be long, I say, can't be too long

Shouts come now, from the front of the line


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2011war poetry

Breaking Out From the Basement


We kept ourselves here

We kept our names to ourselves

No underground features retrieved

A notion to change

Built up and blown down before it hits

The realisation of the ship sinking


Ceremonies conducted under searchlight

Beams blind our young eyes

War-rooms full of smoke and mirrors

Story from the salesman:

‘People are the same,

‘All strai...

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Through the air and climbing

A mist-bound projectile

Hurtling, defying the atmosphere

Pollution in raindrops, brightening

Traversing ever upward

On this endless marked gaze

The view from the bottom, the tower spire


Toward the golden vault

We look and see

The silver beauty

The stone engravings

Blemished with moss, attached and thickening


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2011war poetry

Water Underground

See rocks when running

Appearing like dark blue flashes

Skipping over wet sand

When counting these days

Seems only like a daydream

When I last climbed here

Clambered over these rocks

Up onto the hurtful grass

The stones are dry and still

Cracked and broken in fragments

Shaped in oddity, left alone

Beside there lay the gap in earth


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Seaward Citadel

Garrison minion

Sharp opinion

The taste of unrequited joy

Bathe in zeppelins' beams, deploy.


Signal to the twelfth

Sabotage by stealth

Accrued thick mud under moonglow

Spent - the battalion light show.


Do not question what we mean by darkness

The only crime - there's not enough blood

Bodies our spreadsheets lay fixed in view

Museum exhibit...

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Way Out By the Rapeseed Field


Way out by the rapeseed field

The bridge and crossing, standing stern

Reflecting in the late afternoon

The breeze lifting the haze adrift.


As the train went past, I saw the light

The endless fading words of honour

Sink or swim in the estuary

As the boughs floated, with the cracked tide.


A grain implanted in the soil

Gone back again to haunt ...

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Angry Autumn


Wet, cold, biting musk

Fire, smoke, leaves on the fresh ground

Like soggy bran flakes.



NB: First haiku on here.  I know it's not the season as such, but this one's been kicking around for a while and I'd like to share it.  Cheers.

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Slow down, it's all going too fast

This comfort, this harmony

Not meant to last.

No permanence whilst days

They keep dropping out

Lying in the barren wastes, the sun shouts.


Beads of sweat forming

Eyes rising out of perpetual hell

Into the technicolour morning.


Lizards and newts crawl beside

My shaken form

As I lie still in the dust.


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Grey landing, smooth - soil shatter
Hidden amongst layers of foliage
Mauve, gold, green - shimmer in twilight
Error made - the interface flashing
Engine three beyond repair
Tin-foil dressage, forest canopy
Haunting dichotomy
Spider webs dissolve on the ground
A network of pathways
The sparse

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Lake Song

The bulk of water beneath the grey
Lights in the sky I see
They fade out from view
And only return
When the night pulls the tide.

Cascading down through sleepy thickets
A brush of rain peppers the air
On the dew-soaked stair.

I longed to shatter that haunting image
Of smoke rising beside a lonely road
On a hazy summer’s day long ago.

Talk is cheap and so are they

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María en la Roca (Sewage Filter)


I saw the face of a woman in the rock

It was etched into the heart of

A tall black cliff and I marvelled

For that face, was yours.


It was head-height, cold, unseeing

At the black water that gushed below

The bile of hell washed from its eyes

Like a solemn sacrifice.


It becomes a prison in my mind, but

I can only see irrelevance where

The ...

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The Dream at the Party


NB: Most 'ambitious' poem posted here so far, so please try to bear with it.  Again I shall leave it open to interpretation rather than say 'this is about so-and-so' etc.  Thanks.
The easterly breeze is quick to subside
The soft-scented summer air thickens
As I lean back and think of home
The grass beneath my feet turns dark
No attempt to block out these endless ...

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In this cold darkness
Serene and fragile, I breathe the dust
Coming from the lamp above
Floating in peace and harmony
When you come home now
A glimpse of the void, in the large gap
Left by your carelessness
Portal closes, breathe again now
Sit by candlelight
Honed by your expectation, it's come
Show me your true behaviour
Jump around...

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Futile Boundaries

Cold bites at your heels
As you walk across the bridge
Not stepping out of turn
The same mechanical movements

The grey sky breaking in two
Reflecting the wasteland below
Broken stone and overgrown
Steeped in its own failures

Back across and now to rest
By the church that keeps silent
A tower scraping the air
Watching over you, but no more

Running now, running fa...

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Orange Garden


Walk towards the white gates
A purity unseen, but now inside
The garden, and the grass so bright
Drifting translucent in the sunlight
A stranger comes slowly towards you
A blackened form, twisted in distortion
Takes fruit from the tree above, oranges
An offer, standing on the springy turf
An outstretched hand, take the fruit
Lift it up to th...

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The Intruder


He has come from afar
Cold sweat and breathing
Mud sliding, misty, death-like
Breathless, walking slowly
A lake of pure silver
The mist distorts it
A box on the water, a red light
Scrutinises him, the new arrival
A thrill of horror passes through him
He looks about him, the trees do not smile
The turf is reckoning, the sky's darkening

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