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Death is coming

Somebody famous once said 

That people aren’t afraid of being dead

They’re afraid of being forgotten

Whilst their bodies decompose smelling rotten

That is a lie

I know because I spy

People are afraid of the unknown

Afraid of what they haven’t been shown

No one knows what happens for sure 

Just know when you die their is no door 

Like when you’re asleep for hours witho...

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The monster

You don’t know about the anger and rage

Which has mutated and grown with age

Only let loose when I engage 

In the booth or on stage

Normal people are able to contain and control 

(We’re all a bit psycho)

But normal people hold it in their subconscious 

Only coming out in hallucinations when they’re unconscious 

Grown with time the rage has become monstrous 

Constantly li...

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After hitting self destruct

Had to find something inside to reconstruct

Build me up

Here’s what’s left

Hanging onto the last breath

Pulled myself from the depth 

Now I am free 

But hold on...this just doesn’t seem real to me

Feel like I’m stuck in somebody’s twisted fantasy 

They’re pulling my strings

They’re whispering things

Telling me I’m crazy

Telling me I’m...

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depressionRebuilding after depression

Life story

Lyrics invade my brain

If I don’t get them out they run around and drive me insane

All the best material comes out then hides got to wrack my brain to remember 

But I don’t even know what day it is

Should I be buying presents are we in December 

This is why when you see me gaze

It’ll amaze you to know that I was in a daze 

I wasn’t looking at you

Don’t care what you do


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Depressionreal life


I don’t like to lie

But I won’t argue with stupid

So until the day I die

I’ll neither confirm or deny

Your rumours

They’re like tumours 

They spread and they grow

But lucky I release my anger on flow

Lucky I already snapped

Your words don’t go through

So how come when I’m alone

I hear the voice in my head saying the same things as you

Then a part of me is saying...

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Corona Virus

Coronavirus can kiss my arse 

and if I get a fine 

they’re gunna have to get in line

coz I’m broke and I don’t care 

“but we want our money” 

well life ain’t fair

that’s why I welcome death and all its depth. To be able to say I’m finally free,

no longer trapped in this body of torture and insanity.

Yet that’s what awaits me when I go, if only I could show, show you the way...

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Corona VirusDepression

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