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Just three weeks ago I had you in my arms
I still ask for commission to take off your clothes
You said yes and my mind was peaceful
We were both naked in my bed
You wanted sex but I didn't
Now I'm lonely 

Wasting away inside my mind
How could you kiss me 
And think that it wouldn't Fuck with me
You Firefly as why I want to die

I don't have peaceful days I just have nightmares
Do you...

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Whatever Happens, Happens

Today I thought about killing myself
I found myself not good enough
I don't think anyone would miss me
Don't get me wrong

I hate that funniest guy in the room is the saddest
Everyone I've ever met I've made them chuckle
I can't think of anything positive
My whole body is going numb

I've become the thing I hate
Fully died inside 
There isn't a anything there anymore
All I think about...

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She kissed me only to go again 
Why can't I be the one 
This is all I think about 
She has killed the happiness fully this time

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Nothing is forever
You can love her as long as you live
Even when she doesn't care about you
She can be the woman that kills you
She'll still be forgiven

If you love her you'll never be angry at her
You will never lie to her
Even if it hurts her feelings

The thing about it is 
Even when no one hears her
You always know what she said
If she was invisible as you would still see her

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Melancholy Relapse

I can't say this anywhere else
I wish you would have picked me
I wish I was good enough for her
I just wanted to be everything she wanted
I messed up and I lost her again
Why can't I just be good enough
Why dose everyone pick someone over me
I just want to be someone's everything
No I'm sentenced to a lonely life
I've never known what love Is
I guess I'll die alone not knowing what it is

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Lunar Eclipse

It was two souls burning on separate ends
Completely obsessed with finding each other
When they did they exploded
Not in love but anger for each other
The other was not there when they needed each other
They was broken souls not to be found
They could have made love but they started the fire
Burning each other at the opposite ends again
They were lovers but they could never be together

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Space Cowboy (Listen!)

In the end you get tired of struggling 
To keep everyone you love safe
Just for them to leave you in the end
Everything dies and I'm accepting this now
Can't save everyone

So to the girl with the raindrop boots
I'll leave you here on this planet of angels
One last battle the fight after this
There is no regeneration after this
I will stop running and I will die

Everything will...

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The Lonely Goddesses Lover

Everyone has to have a loved one
I am slowly finding out
I was not waiting for fireflies 
What I found out that even loneliness
Deserves to have a romantic partner in life
I'll be eternally alone I won't be sad or depressed
Even she deserves a hand to hold
I will give loneliness a partner to be with
So she does not affect anyone else's life
Her whole life she's been feared 
Everyone fear...

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If you feel alone, look at the moon.

In the darkest shade of blue possible
I told you I loved you
On a cold October night 
I promised you I'd wait
You promised your hand
When the sun is in the highest of the sky
I'll close my eyes for the last time

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The Honeymoon Phase Is Just A Sentence To Death

I won't lie to make her feel better
I'd rather tell her the truth
If that hurt her feelings at least I didn't lie
She's tell me to fuck off  
I'll keep telling her words she don't want to hear
That he lied to her for three years
He'll become pure toxic to her
It only takes them a couple months 
To show their true colors

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Vengeance is The Best Motivator

For the first time in years 
I have no path to follow
No road to hell just just a reflecting on my life
It's time for me to be who I am
Not a mortar not jaded but who I really am
Let's live life proper this time

Maybe one day I'll go looking for that road again
Until then I'm going to be the best me
I'm not the same person I was 4 years ago
If you don't want me willingly
It's best for ...

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Love Won't Save You

Some things you can't change
Like the form of reality touching your skin
Being all alone isn't that bad
Reflecting on your life
Picking out the things that you did wrong
It's okay how long will you keep the lie alive
That your life is perfectly fine without me
Every time I go you end up a mess
I guess if you want me gone I'll leave

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The sounds of creamy white milk
Pouring over the cereal 
Was so absolutely depressing
This is the basic of life
We will all die nothing left to it
These anti Melancholy pills 
Are getting harder to swallow


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My mental state is starting to break again
I think it was just seeing her
Said it before she's the Joker to my Harley
So can you tell her the burden me
I think I'm desperate to find a poison ivy
I'm drowning here awake
Gargling tar in my lungs
It doesn't shine the way it used to
I think I like the abuse
I think I confused it for love all the time
The worst you treat me the more I love yo...

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Under and Out

I've been laying in bed 
Feeling like I was sinking 
Into the arms of Lucifer
I cannot call out I cannot say a word
From my mind is tricked me 
Into believing this is the end
Hand to hold this is the end

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The Quarantine Doesn’t Make It Better

She swore that she was in love
It was only the butterflies
False delusions of grandeur
She told the world lies

If her lover knew the truth
It would destroy the illusion of love
I highly doubt she will ever speak a word of it
This will be all over soon

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Mother Day

I believe that all 
My problems go back to you
Cut me down in my misery
Left the body rotting to the vultures
You got your drugs in your veins

Every breath slowly tarnished my mind
The agony underneath always will last
Oh mother look what you've done
Faith and love is non-existent
I don't believe anyone should care for me

It's okay I never expected you to love me
After all you aband...

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Autumn Winds Twisting Secrets

Don't counterfeit yourself from the truth
Most people are only 
Looking out for their own interests
So expect the worst from them
That way they can't hurt you

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You're Gonna Carry That Weight

Love is crashing into the stars
Knowing that this isn't permanent
Only the making of something better.

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Firefly Would I?

Would you sell your soul to her?
Would you give everything to protector?
Would you love her when she's put your heart through hell?
Would you truly listen to her conversations?
Would you do anything to make sure that she's appreciated?
I would and never look back,
All I wanted was her.

When she left I don't think she heard me say.
Don't go!

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831 (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)

Don't tell me that you love me
When you're just going to walk out
Don't tell me that you cared
When your actions show differently
I told you I'd wait here a hundred years
I didn't tell you I've been time traveling
To find out a lonely bleak future
I highly doubt you could grasp
I never go into the past
For the cravings of changing would always last
I thought I found a way to tell you
I ...

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Closure is for the lucky ones
When she passes away there's no closure
I was fifteen I did not know how to handle the pain
All the self-abuse in the world
Couldn't not numb that pain
I begged for the ending to be changed 
There is no going back to normal

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Blue Cafe

The most beautiful demented sounds
Are those that you cover your eyes
You still felt a crunching of the bone dripping out
This is not a concept for love
More of a step back

Violently holding yourself rocking back and forth
Tell yourself that everything is okay
You're only in shock after all
The physical pain will go away
Mentally you always be scarred
This moment will not fade

It's ...

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The Longing For Answers

Who am I to you
I waited but still it's not me
I wanted but still I am fading
You told me not to say goodbye
For what I need to know now 
Why am I still here waiting on you 
I am nothing but a confused child now
Asking why did I come back if you did not want me?



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The Death

The question always remains
If suffocate myself on this
Means that love is what destroys me
Will you be okay at taking a life

I'm desperate for your hand
You're dead set on killing me
So crash my heart into dust

It's okay it's just who you are
I can't live like this anymore
I'm breaking into shards 
I think anyone can put me together

I've been thinking mother was right
That no on...

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No He's Dead

I don't know what to do anymore 
All I want is to be her everything 
But I feel that I am forevr to be lost
For all I am is a phantom now

Begging for her to see me
The truth will change everything
Why did you refuse my goodbyes
Just to break me apart 

I'm fully lost and scared now
I told you I can't be friends 
So what am I supposed to do now?
Suffocate on the memories of you like o...

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