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My hobbies are thinking in circles
Signs of a melancholy mind
What a joke?

I don't what to live my life
Also I never want to die
So cover the sounds of kids dying
With a happy sunset all you like
Hope is hell

We all know death is coming
But this is my pocket of time
Nothing is good but the bad is mine
So see the lights why you still can

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I can't do this anymore
It feels like the world's against me
When I start to win I lose
So if I go back to self mutilation
Would you even cry a tear

4 years has finally got to me
I gave everything but it still empty
I'm just not good enough for you
Time is passing me by 

Will I always be alone
I thought I found my soulmate
Just to end up here again
Could you please hold on 
I'm a ...

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Cruel Fate/Queer

It's some type of cruel fate
That someone has to be alone
Don't go I think I want to call you
My soulmate so please don't go
The hurt feels like a overdose
So let me be alone




I hate the name I was born with
I want to be more like a boy
They all call me queer
They tell me to grow my hair out
I guess six years of this and I'm still not me

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This Isn't]That Kind of Poem[

I wish I wasn't
The question still remains
Dose he fall back 
Dose he let her in 
He wasn't always like this 
This isn't that kind of poem

He hated the skin he was in
But life was okay 
Mother would kick him because
No no no this isn't that kind of poem 
This isn't a poem at all 
More like rehab for the mind

Here's some quick reality
You can't have funeral without the word fun

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What is Humour?

No oh no I'm just a pair of legs
Has anyone seen my torso it's
So imperative that I need it
I cannot find a way of leisure
So unfunny I'll never make you laugh
With my emo boys Toms
I'll pretend that I can make you laugh
Can't have them thinking that I'm happy
That would be off brand 
I've been working on for two years 
This would ruined me
What is humour?

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Melancholy Death

I feel like life is not meant to be
I'll sleep in the cold outside
I'm slipping into my gloom
They would say I'm too young to die
Tell the truth I'm sick of being alive

This melancholy has drained me dry
I don't want to breath if I'm alone tonight
The end of my world will be soon
So come in help me fucking die 
I hate myself more and more
It's knot okay 

You don't have to live with ...

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Words of The Waiting Man 33

I believed in every word you said
It only brought me sad nights alone
So if the sky was on fire would you think of me
Because you picked a man that 
Couldn't love you more then me 

The ashes of the letters I tried to write you
My mind couldn't think of the words
That my tongue was throwing out
So kept these as our little secret
I think you were the one and only
Four years now you have ...

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End It All

I don't want to feel like this 
The pain never ends 
So can you please just understand 
That I'm fading into the nothingness 
Please don't get mad at me 

The blood comes up 
It's just a new day 
But they feel all the same 
So can you please help me 
I can't keep this up no more
I'm losing faith in myself again

Tomorrow is too far away 
It feeling like my lugs are trying to stop 

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