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Secret Memories

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Susan held that summer long

As long that summer was

A secret that enthralled the girls

Captivating them because

Love was such a wonder then

When innocently viewed

That Emily and Laura-Jane

So eagerly pursued

“What news!” they cried “what news have you?”

Excitement filled within

Those promenading afternoons

Of gently browning skin

Of barefoot days and carefree ways

When sisters shared ...

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Toil within your labour’s sentence

Work and stress that servant’s frame

Tiring mind and aching struggle

At rest the conscience can proclaim

That you are honest in endeavour

Soul be clean, devoid of sloth

So true in value and in moral

A victim of that social oath.

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Don’t dream that dream then fear to follow

Though dreams may slumber under dust

Revitalise, lest they be hollow

And to you heart your life unjust


Don’t think a thought a passing fancy

If it be something dear to you

Perhaps your hope be more than chancy

How will you know until you do?


Don’t carry wishes from this coil

Unless their vapour’d cause you hurt

As all too soon you’ll be wi...

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hum ko hus nay ko acha lak tha hai

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Bhut bhut bhut bhut bhut,
the water taxi’s here,
its nodding, smiley pilot
gestures to a chair.
All aboard and crammed in tight,
a small boy casts away,
we set sail down the Ganges,
as a sunset guides the way.
The gentle, balmy evening breeze
inspires a tender glide,
as turds and cans and body parts
are softly brushed aside.
Canvas flaps above our heads,
the only other sound
is the bhut bhut bhut ...

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It stalks, that stalk

That veiny beast

Claims victims in the dark

Malevolence is manifest

Each time it meets its mark

And thus succumbs

Another gate,

A portal to the truth

Consigned the virgin innocence

To the memory of youth.

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Delicate the petal lay

Alighting from the bow

Across those soft and parting lips

I hold that moment now

As if she were beneath me so

No cares for all to see

To pluck that subtle pinkly plate

And set all nature free

How still she lies, how it still shines

Such warmth a man should know

Kept fresh within a memory

Of forty years ago.

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Flames licked round the twisted kite


and there stood Bingo Mearman,


he'd fought the fire with all his might


to save a single airman,


and as he gazed into the blaze,


sweat running down his brow,


his mind it wandered far away,


not if, not who, but how?






He threw his goggles to the ground


and zipped his jacket high,


prepared to make the sacrif...

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Could they know the truth?
Distorted by youth
As the air became evidently fresh
Were they deluded?
As the deal was concluded
And their skin came to terms with his flesh
Thus he hid there, behind
Acted as inclined
With a twist on the bees and the birds
Would the boys in his stable
Rejoice at the label
Oscar Wilde, a bender of words.

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Bound by Silence

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Whipped, her creamy arse shone rosy

Her gasps they stroked the Master’s balls

The sight of her inflamed bare buttocks

Contained within the chamber’s walls

The sense of skin upon her bindings

The softest groan of finest leather

To draw so much from one unwilling

Held by a single stranded tether.

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Tom Ketchum (a bastard of a piece)

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And there stood Tom Ketchum

Black Jack Ketchum

Why did he die?

I’ll tell you why

The Santa Fe train

A dapper man with a psychotic stare

Full trimmed moustache

Short, well-groomed hair

Knew two wild girls

Who rode a Wild Bunch

Outlaws they all.


A murder in waiting.


Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Wrongly accused

Nothing to loose

Black Jack had a gang.

New allegations

More assassin...

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Power of Thought

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When was it that you last saw

an obese academic?

A fat captain of industry,

an overweight mechanic?

Ah, perhaps there’s something there,

in relation to vocation,

or maybe we see, more clinically

a theme throughout our nation

that revolves around intelligence,

or at least the use of brains;

the calorie consuming box

that prevents unsightly gains.

For can it be coincidence

that this gro...

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What's it all about

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Whilst sailing alone on the South China Sea,

on a raft made of taffeta grass,

I was stirred from my book for a much clearer look

as a shark made a cursory pass.

The blue in the sky caught the glint in his eye,

an expression that bad me good day,

so I blew a kiss at the mammaline fish,

he acknowledged, and went on his way.

With not much to do I made me a brew

and lay back with my pink umb...

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It's incumbent upon us you know

We sane gentlemen

To never arise from our beds

Until the hour of ten

And then to take required time

Befitting of our style

To indulge idiosyncrasies

That make life so worthwhile

Such personal and private acts

Foibles, routines and deeds

The set us aside from maddening crowds

Which truly supersedes

The drudgery of common man

Predictable, banal

Who phased by eccentric...

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Coming to you.

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Little play thing

Subtle gay thing


Taker of the Libertine pledge


Wildly childly

Defiled so mildly

Oblivious of the encroaching edge


Enthused abused

Willingly used

Discoverer of all that’s been before


One girl fun girl

All under the sun girl

Regales within the label of the Whore.

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Coward Review

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Strike terror!

In that

feeble heart

and have it cower there,

its demons bind those

worthless arms

under a cloak of


And there exists

a coward,

the most hated

face of man,

a soul devoid

of all but self,

a shell

that turned and ran.

But here, today,

the years forget

no more

that can be said,

this fellow lives

his life amongst

the memories

of the dead.

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Astute Coccinellidae

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Yew little Bishy Barnabee

Adhering to my Fortune tree

I wonder what yew make of me

Well spotted, I’m from Blakeney!

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When you’re out and about in the winter’s cold

And the end of your nose starts to drip

When the bitter wind chill blows a freeze on your cill

And dries it to a crust on your lip

When the size of the port in your nasal reveal

Has shrunk to the size of a dot

And your brain can’t regain the front of you head

From the blockage of  package of snot

When the glow from you konk has them dipping t...

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Your label

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For sure we are the Master Race
Superiority on our face
We know our background, know our place
Displaying, obviously, our base.

It's merely, clearly, plain to see
What differs betwixt you and me?
None but a fool could disagree
Plain understanding is the key.

Agendas just add to confusion
Dogma creates dark illusion
Circumspect surrounds inclusion
Closed minds now drawing conclusion.

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They tried hard to emasculate

Those bastards tried again

To correct us with political

Aha! It was in vain

We stood erect, we noble folk

Rigid and firm we held

As slowly we took it in hand

And thus support then swelled

Back to the shadows spineless slid

By God they make me sick

Those that sneer, those twisted minds,

At my lovely Spotted Dick.

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come sit on my knee...

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Come sit on my knee boy

Come sit on my knee

Come sit on my knee boy

What will be will be

A time for love, a time for fun

Those times will come again

Come sit on my knee boy

I will ease the pain


I know that you can’t see boy

I know that you can’t see

I know that you can’t see boy

Just why she set us free

Times are hard, and times will hurt

But one day this will end

Come sit on my k...

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Weekend Spar

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A left a right, and keep it tight

The trainer barks it out

And through the gloom, this dingy room

There’s no doubt about this bout

So driven on, he draws upon

Those years within the ring

Set apart, a willing heart

Within the coiled spring

One, two, three, come on to me

Aggression is unleashed

The ache, the strain, to make the gain

As pressure is increased

Arms that weigh, and feet of ...

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I took myself on holiday

‘long England’s famous coast

A picture postcard holiday

Of which I’m proud to boast

A trip so fun and colourful

I’m sure none could compare

So please indulge me for a while

And I will take you there…


“A fine cup o tea is to had by the sea,

If you should ask me my sweet dear”

Said a crazy old lady with bucket and spadey

In a dune in Weston-super-Mare

And so I...

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Scarecrow, Seagull, Dustbin and me

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Scarecrow, Seagull, Dustbin and me

all set out for a day by the sea.

A jam jar, a bottle, a nest made of twigs,

a chutney from Putney, consisting of figs.

Towels in abundance, sweets by the score,

set right for a night and a day by the shore.


Waves we received and more we now sought,

weighed down to the ground by the kilter we brought.

Boarded the train, the four forty-four,

pulled dow...

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A profligate professor peruses those before

Wide-eyed absorbed disciples

Whose souls cry out for more

Fixed upon his every word

And notion that he spews

Malleable, impressionists

His mind constructs their views


Such power has this libertine, they won’t identify

Their naïve thirst deludes

The truth passes them by

For more they want and more they’ll get

Far more than they have paid


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Challenge not the questions why

Take note and heed them well

Stand back, observe the queried sort

Not befall that which befell

The arrogant, dismissive type

Who mocked all reservation

Cast aside in flippant form

Those seeking explanation

For time would come, would come the time

When he himself was racked

Confused he could not ask for help

To hold his name intact

And so for want a fool was he

A fool he had ...

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Court out

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Drongo’s up at Court again

With Nesbit, Scum and Slag

Chav was only watching when

They snatched that lady’s bag

Doley,Ponce and Badback Khan

All denying the offence

Are sat along the car park wall

To witness for defence

Apparently all 8 got hurt

Have made an allegation

To counter claim against old Maud

And sue for compensation

The Clerk has got a heap of files

And statements to attest

That decent British j...

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Shadow, companion to those who take rest,
you that expands yourself in the drowsy eye of  the fading light,
why do you sometimes lurk,
create fear,
play havoc with the weakened mind?
Although you loom so large and sinister,
probing with your misshaped fingers,
finding so many places to lay down and hide,
dark and menacing,
I know how small you really can be
in the true light of day.

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An Angel's Calling

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There she is, that moment born,
He’en sent from above.
Weak and helpless, needy too,
dependent on your love.

Wings form on that little one,
as only you can know,
the cherub transforms rapidly,
as mind, as body grow.

The one terrestrial angel,
she blossoms to a teen,
religiously you care for her,
the princess becomes queen.

Freely in her own realm now,
still obvious of need,
discarded wings and hal...

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Macho moderation

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So another headfuck yank
went barmy with a gun,
it’s in their culture can’t you see,
an endless source of fun.
Their biggest arty export
packs every kind of heat,
and it’s not only Hollywood
that lends cred on the street,
but a genre of their music,
another culture source,
all about man coming good
and achieving it though force.
So that brings us nicely
to the theatre of war,
their influence, involvement,
in all...

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A Norfolk lane

She biked along a Norfolk lane
And softly sang her song
The birds they joined her in refrain
Now here she could belong 
Her hair it flowed beneath her hat
Bright pink with floppy brim
The wistful skirt draped round so that
It slid from limb to limb
Just then she came upon a hill
One hand held face’s frame
She lifted up bare feet until
It bordered decent shame
And laughed and shrieked amid descent
Alive as li...

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A girl sat on a beach

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A girl sat on a beach

An empty beach in solitude

Hundreds flocked around her

Alone resting on one arm

Legs to her side

The sun so high

Her frame so small

She left no shadow

She churned sand with a small red plastic spade

Glazed grains sifted

Sieved by a warm gentle breeze

Her family black hair, dry in the heat

Wild in the wind and salt

Her skin ever darkening

Pale blue pants ever lig...

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The flames licked round the twisted kite

and there stood Bingo Mearman,

he'd fought the fire with all his might

to save a single airman,

and as he gazed into the blaze,

sweat running down his brow,

his mind it wandered far away,

not if, not who, but how?



He threw his goggles to the ground

and zipped his jacket high,

prepared to make the sacrifice

for brothers from the sky,


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Laura Explorer

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Laura Explorer surveyed all before her.

and sighed at the challenge ahead

She knew it, she’d do it, be sure to get through it

and vowed to be upbeat instead.

Her heart it so raced at the task she now faced,

such was never attempted before,

she craved to be saved from the debris that paved

her way across her bedroom floor.

Each door and each drawer were exposed in this chore

to reveal what...

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the Artist

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Where’s the next Cecil b DeMille
where do I the artist find
creative intuition and
the astute perceptive mind
Am I to be like some before
ignored until I perish
passed over save for poverty
in death my life they cherish
My demise will open eyes
posthumously regaled
whilst during life I endure strife
on manhood I’m impaled.

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in a field

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I fear I may be mortally wounded
Lying now within a shell hole in this hell hole
I write this in the hope that one day it will find its way home
My comrades tell me that no two shells fall in the same place
But here four, five – ten would do and you could never tell
Eternally the sense is that my next breath may be my la

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D 4

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A multitude of touches, each felt in instantly in turn but somehow part of a greater sum
The closeness, the warmth, the voice, the words
Washing through and over, swirling around her, soothing, relaxing, enticing, exciting.
As confusion of awareness peaking at a point of loss consciousness
Driven by a need, her need to see around the corner of an eternal curve
Fluid richness passes over her
Carrying awa...

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the band

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I took my seat
To eat
That meat
Whilst the band played
A neat
urban beat
With heat
That moved my feet
And the crowed swayed
An acoustic sheet
From the street
Why had I delayed
So sweet
The two should meet
I must have been afraid
No deceit
In this retreat
The one discrete
I’m so glad that I stayed

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Hyde and seek

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Your life is a dream, you’re living a lie
You’ve been here before, but you’ve no idea why
Trapped in a present that’s shaped by your past
The future approaches, then escapes you so fast
You inhabit a world so deep within
Where fancy and truth hold time then begin
Safe and secure, so long you remain
Whilst outside the shell live problems and pain
A momentary lapse will expose you to hurt
So retaini...

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From a distance

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I watched you walk
Such class
Such style
I stood and dreamed a dream a while
You could not know
You may not care
I stole a moment with you there.

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D 3

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Slowly she closed her hands around him;
in an instant feeling that she held the very core of his power.
Entombed by the moment, by his presence, she was overcome, as if to faint..
and awaken in another realm.
They passed away together,
to another side.
An overwhelming fullness and immediate flood of gratification
swept as the rushing tide.
A descent to the intolerable
was now an accession.
This deepest..

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D 2

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At that moment she was revolted.
A shot projected through her soul,
lodging in the pit of her stomach,
it was horrible.
She would break his spell in an instant
but for curiosity, but for intrigue,
but for him momentarily grasping the handle of her own darkness.
Before resolution had rescued
she had submitted again,
yielding sublimely to her fear.
He knew all the time what he was doing,
cause and effect,
she c...

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this was now so real
with a different realism
a real reality
but at the same time surreal
he was so unabashed
how was it that a man who appeared so soulful
so spiritual
was now an apparition of the inhuman
so bestial they now both
so degraded
their combined power drove off shame
and she exulted in that control
that passing wince no more than that
how good it was to be shameful
how great to now share...

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Paris '46

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Waves of warmth and light
rolled through the tall windows,
broken only by the breeze swayed Lime that
stood guard outside her apartment.
A soft, maple leg lay across my thigh
as we drifted,
it did seem so different to before,
as I said it would,
but she had insisted.

In the years since the war the city had changed,
we had changed,
the relationship that we had had changed,
although it was still one th...

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Love's shifting sands

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The distant footprints that you left

upon a lonely Beach,

created a tranquillity

that solitude can't reach.

The shifting, changing sands of time,

eternal hourglass,

contains every grain of hope

with each moment that would pass.

And even when the sun goes down,

changing the daily scene,

it's calming transformation

is accepted, so serene.



And with each dawn the view is set,


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BOOM - the cannon loosed itself

Significance was sounded


THUD - the moment hit oneself

It's message then resounded


ACHE - memories returned to me

And for that moment bounded


An ageing but still tender heart

With pride and pain it pounded


HELL - in realising that

Through remembrance I am hounded


Forever reminiscing that

I faced and fought and floundered

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Expectantly I watched it,

caressed it as it grew,

kissed it each opportunity

from the day that I first I knew.

Stroked and smoothed it's contours;

you held my head just there,

excited and impatiently,

trying hard to hear.

Holding it for hours on end, 

willing it to grow,

proud of my production,

warming in your glow.

Enjoying total womanhood,

we shared the journey through,


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Private Rainbow (painbow)

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Arousal is red

Violence blue

I'll paint bright a picture

And frame it with you.




Arousal is red

Violence is blue

Tears surely follow

But it's what she must do




Arousal is red

Violence blue

Bound, gagged and handcuffed

Ashamed of the view




Arousal is red

Violence blue

Make a dark rainbow

Shocking but true

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Girls and bubbles

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Joyous within her bubble
She rises high
On the warmth of his words
In the air of his affection
Floats without direction
A single prick would bring her crashing to earth
But a married one could make a bigger impact.

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Vicar of Stiffkey

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er..this IS actually a true story!



Now deep in Darkest Norfolk lie

a quaint and sleepy place,

that saw a National scandal, yes,

it were a damned disgrace.

A man was brought to justice so

that decency prevailed,

The Reverend Harold Davidson

were well and truly nailed.


Little Jimmy, as he were known

amongst his congregation,

were generally well respected but

had caused some cons...

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bug sat on the window cill


Where do you go at night


Do you just fly round and round


Returning when it's light?






Do you like it in the sun


Can I stroke your head


Oh bug what is that yellow stuff


Have I squashed you dead?


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