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Grace and Favour

Grace and Favour

For all that a life that's truly led

provides the anxious soul with balm,

yet a gentle breeze, invisible and calm,

precedes the storm where the meek have fled.


In Summer's graceful darkling glides the hawk

in flight over burnished grain, 'till late

a final stoop unearths its prey: its fate

the slashing shadows where the killers stalk.


Though se...

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The Mirror

This rumination came from growing awareness of my mortality which, in turn, is generated and measured by the expanding list of things once given or assumed that, alas, are no longer possible.


The Mirror

How shall I talk to you, my friend?

How should I regard you

(and will I care)

as you grow ever older before my gaze

while I stay young?


Who are you? Dare I look on yo...

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