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Sound and Feeling

People need pani to live, otherwise they die.

Gali is also necessary to feel cool when things get hot.

Mara makes gaali and in turn, gaali gives us oxygen.

With this oxygen, a magu is born.

The magu cries a lot, so you feed it hannu and the sweetness of the hannu will make the magu stop crying.

Soon, the magu will grow up to be a part of the jana.

The jana is in a constant chakra...

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A Place Like a Poem

entry picture

My place has leaves and mold, 

cracked paint, stale wood and curtains that sway.

As dawn brings a new day, my place hums with prayers,

smells of incense, and looks like sunshine.

My place has cherry floors, upon which when I place my cheek, a chilly warmth spreads through my body.

My place is rickety-rackety with family - 

the laughs of my grandma

the corny jokes of my grandpa


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The words halted in my mouth,

my tongue catching on fire.

I ached to tell you of the hate I harbored,

but my heart stumbled.

Where had my courage gone?

You were right, and I was wrong. 

And that was where my courage went.

My ego was hurt.

But I moved on, knowing that whatever pride you had left was nothing but shit.

I longed to tell you what a cruel person you had become...

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Nothing but Regrets

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My hands reached out, splayed and up towards the sky.

Who would have though, I would be left here to die?

I took a giant leap, and so big it was,

I was left falling to the grass.

Mud, dirt, stones, I tasted everywhere.

My dignity, pride and beauty left me bare. 

Burning with rage and anger,

I beat myself to a blunder.

It was all on me, just me, only me.

The choice I made...

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Lost and Found

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Being blind was not something new to me. In fact, I was so used to the darkness, that light hurts my eyes. When did I get so used to exsisting?

Life passed before my eyes; hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into years. All I had left was darkness; I was surrounded.

Suffocating. I was suffocating. The words were caught in my throat, and my eyes squeezed to keep...

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In Regards To

You are so far away, yet you still see my wet cheeks, drenched in tears.

Lips locked, cheeks flushed, breaths even.

You are so much within yourself, yet you still reach for my heart, pumping wildly.

Arms wrapped, legs tangled, breaths even.

You are so quiet, distant, brick upon brick.

Heartbeats together, eyes closed, fingers entwined.

Hear my whispers, listen to my yearning. H...

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All I Will Ever Do

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You came to me in slow strides. Steady and ready.

Half a face was all I could see. Hidden was the other half, like the dark side of the moon. Never seen, never discovererd. Forever dormant. You were almost extinct.

I howled at you. I howled at you because there was no other way, no other voice. You were cloaked, hidden by a wall you created in your mind. I tried to break through. I tried to...

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Left Without a Clue

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never did i think it possible that my purpose would appear before me

a blank slate, waiting to be chalked on, erased, and chalked on again

My will pulled me out, grasped my hand, and squeezed...

There I was, standing on top.


but under i went again. I went under so bad, and so deep that I had to

write this.

I had to drown in the weight of my tears

to learn how to pick myse...

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Out of Breath

entry picture

I could almost feel the struggle, I could almost feel the air in my lungs;

But it dissipated.


I heard that the ocean was vast.

I heard she was beautiful, with white caps and golden sand.

But she hurt me. How could she hurt me?


I thought about it long and hard, I searched for an answer between my scars.

But they were red and angry, they held me tight,

They were adama...

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