Pull back the folds and peek in.

    Searching for a way back home?

    Watch the body dazzled. 

    May it become God’s?

    “Wash me! Heal me!”

    Offer your all to the darkness.

    Bury your wearied conscience.

    “Kneed me! Free me!”

    Before you can catch your breath.

    Don’t let it ever end;

    Lest it be set off again.    

Try and turn a perversion into a somberly song?

There is no beauty,

in the becoming of a john.

Paw away and pander like a slob.

Dispel the certainty of both souls withering.


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Brent Cameron

Sun 9th Apr 2017 20:59

Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment!
--My intention was knead-- like as in preparing bread..Though it is a play on "need" and "Knead"

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 9th Apr 2017 17:20

This is interesting. I probably don't 'get' the precise intention because I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'a john'. I can surmise, but I may be off track. Also, is your intent the word 'knead' as with 'preparing bread etc.', as opposed to 'kneeing someone in the groin' etc?

I think this is really good, thought provoking. The last two lines are superb. I will try to find time to read more.

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