It's all practice

I’m just trying to write

by practicing honest non-fiction

to find words in my mind

at best a close but weaker diction

to the best

that little writer is blessed

put him to the test

De La Rocha

he’ll coach ya

how to Rage Against the Machine

and get out of the fiction scene

put out for us by the vulture’s



If you’re reading and thinking

It’s just only you and me

we’ll listen to some P.E.

Mr. Chuck and Flav

**ckin sure will save

us all from staying

paranoid, saying:

that’s it, we’re alone

In this top-down-rule failed Terrordome

and if we need more to feel at home

we’ll all go swimming

in the pit with Fishbone

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Clair Leitney

Tue 16th May 2017 13:20

As writers with say 'Before one can write, one must have a thought to communicate. Modern Americans cannot write because they do not think, either originally or analytically. ' But that's definitely not about you. Great job. Keep it up!

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