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Beth Abbott

Updated: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 11:41 pm

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Wednesday Echoes: The mountains we seek The crests and peaks Are no longer to be discovered We reached the summit but retracted and settled in the trough Where now? You say I do not respond, I contemplate my answer Make it articulate, considerate, yet punctual; Nowhere. We settle. We deal with what we need to deal with. Whether that is today, Wednesday, Whenever it needs be. Wednesday resonates, it echoes, it howls. "Okay. We will deal with it on Wednesday."

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ai ou

Sun 5th Apr 2020 21:36

The mountains we seek
The crests and peaks
Are no longer to be discovered...

We climbed mountains, summit the peaks
We went everywhere wherever the hunger seeks
After covering continents and all other lands
With a lot of praise being showered
We feel nothing is any longer to be discovered.

Engineer you are, a geologist to be precise
Dwell in your thoughts and I know you're very wise;
Close your eyes for a moment and see...
Then ask your self the very old question,
Did I miss anything in my quest for consumption?

Something is waiting to bridge the gap...
All you have to do is turn the flap.
In the womb of earth lies treasures sweet;
Awaken the mind and unfold the mystery,
You may be at the brim of making a history.

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