I am surrounded with the ghosts 

Each and every day I blame

The heartless bodies on my toes

I am surrounded by some dust

That has always been in their eyes

They look but just cannot see 

That their life is full of lies

Do you ever wanna be surrounded by the mud

Wherein their souls are stuck

Shall we draw this sharp line once again

Between our minds that have already gone insane

Surrounded by an endless pain

As I see their joy through the rain

The rain always falls down on their farm

What the hell did they plant

How far did they run to be sent

To this fools' paradise?

Surrounded by this black happiness

And I hate to hear the laughters

Of these stupid community members

Well almost the whole life is surrounded

By their rubbish black happiness

They go wrong on and on

But laugh again

I have nowhere on my mind

To bear this pain

Well my heart has already lost the beats

Shall we reach out to this

Empty surrounding once again

I need a "we" to fight the fools' paradise

Then again I will be strong enough

To laugh at their lies

What the hell do they do

To live this black happiness

It almost kills to be surrounded 

By this stupid solace

Bye to you all, bye black happy faces!



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