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Stuck In Your Head (a poem)

To celebrate that I have completed posting the sequence of almost a hundred meditations (thanks to everyone for all likes and comments on those), and also in honour of it being World Poetry Day today (thanks to Dean Fraser for the reminder) - I thought I'd post this little something.... 


I've got a poem that gets stuck in your head
stuck in your head, stuck in your head
I've got a poem t...

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30,000 Times

Thirty thousand times around the world
I'll go thirty thousand times around the world,
Give or take a few, 
But what will I do, 
While I go thirty thousand times around the world?

I've gone around the world before,
At least ten thousand times or more,
All because the Earth is in a spin.
But between me and you, what will I do,
While I go thirty thousand times around the world?

Oh!... ...

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Secretly Wanted

Just think of how the advert might have gone
Retired but not yet tired?
Got a few evenings spare?
Must enjoy outdoor activities
Uniform supplied.

Conscientious sleigh driver not afraid of heights
Must be kind to children
Good with animals,
Sense of humour required.

Perks of Job: Secluded accomodation,
World wide travel at the drop of a hat,
Guaranteed to keep you young at heart

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My Other Poem Is Better Than This One

I have another poem
which is better than this one.
It is shiny and goes much faster
It sounds better and means more.
My other poem is kept for special occasions
and protected 

This poem is my run-around poem
Don't judge me on it.

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