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I write poetry because it is a discovery within ourselves, our happy and sad moments all rolled into one. I write poetry because I love it, and In the end I hope that you do to, enjoy.


Light The stars shine on Frozen in time Forgotten by scholars Remembered through rhythm Forever unseen for what they are Burning balls of fire Lit by a match Thrown in the air Like a friendly game of catch The Abyss There was a whistle in the air, Then silence everywhere. A splash is seen, Miles ahead, Last I checked this ocean was dead. But the sound grows louder And drowns out my thoughts Telling me to join below the rocks A simple slip would end the pain But I thought my life had more to gain I had hopes and dreams carved into my skin Bleeding out and mixing within Young me saw the future bright and kind Where middle me knew there was never enough time I'm left here now staring at an open abyss Searching the ripples for something I missed. Puzzle pieces sink below Trying one last time to find a home, Jagged pieces pierce the veil Begging one last time to be fulfilled I stare and ponder, wasting more time Believing I can change, even though I know I have made up my mind. Splash, splash, splash The water goes, I know this will become the place I call home Years from now people will ask why And it will be answered “Because she never learnt to fly”

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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